Here's The Truth About What Roxanne Pallett Has Been Up To Since 'CBB'

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It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it's only been six months since the final series of Celebrity Big Brother aired. Although, it's not hard to forget the frenzy that erupted after Roxanne Pallett falsely accused Ryan Thomas of punching her. While the media storm seems to have subsided regarding the controversy, it's got me wondering what is Roxanne Pallet doing now?

If you somehow missed the summer drama, I'll give you a quick run down. Basically, there was a moment where Thomas began throwing air punches at Pallett. At the time, Pallett seemed to respond jovially, but later went into the diary room and asked to speak with a producer off-camera — this then lead to Pallett alleging that she had been punched, and Thomas was issued a formal warning.

The ex-Emmerdale actor was met with backlash, and subsequently left the CBB on her own accord. Pallett then went on to issue an apology on The Jeremy Vine Show, where she said she said it was an "overreaction" and that she "shouldn't have questioned his motivation." She also apologised in an interview with Emma Willis on CBB.

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Let's get back to what Pallett is doing in 2019. According to OK Magazine, Pallett is considering getting a "normal job" — whatever that's supposed to mean. "[She] knows that a TV comeback is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. But eventually she's going to need to work again and is now thinking about where the next cheque will come from," a source told the magazine.

"She would like to just get back to a normal job but she's still too recognisable for that at the moment, so she's having to be a bit more careful with her spending. She's not got any offers on the table since the CBB fiasco."

However, a representative for the actor disregarded those claims, and stated to OK! that this comment is untrue. "Roxanne chose to turn away from any projects and interviews following last summer so she could take some time out in private," which is totally understandable.

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A few months after the incident took place, ex-housemates Gabby Allen and Dan Osbourne shared their views on the situation, and discussed their worries regarding Pallet's wellbeing. Speaking to the Daily Star in October, Allen believed that the incident became "such a massive thing" and that Pallett "hasn't been in contact with anyone."

"I believe Roxanne actually believed what she was saying was true," she told the newspaper. "I don't think she did it with malice or anything. I just think her perspective was blurred in a massive way."

Osbourne seemed to be on the same page, as he spoke of how he believed that Pallett did the right thing with laying low and staying off social media. "She's probably done the best thing by that, because she'd obviously be getting a lot of comments," he told Metro.

Whether or not Pallett decides to return to the public eye is entirely up to her, but it's nice to know that she has a strong support network, even in her ex-housemates.