Starbucks’ Latest Drink Has Caramel, Pretzels, AND Popcorn In It

Starbucks Australia

Gather round, everyone: We officially have a new drink and a new treat to welcome to the Starbucks universe of delectable concoctions. And, of course, to casually drool over. If you happen to be in Australia, you may have noticed a new addition to your local Starbucks' menu, and found yourself wondering: what is Starbucks' Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino? Based off the photos and the description, it looks like an Instagrammable dream come true: it's filled with caramel, and topped with actual caramel popcorn and pretzels, what more could you want from a drink. Unfortunately, also based off the description, it seems that this drink is going to have to remain a fantasy to American audiences, because it's only available in Australia.

The Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino was released to Starbucks locations along with a Rainbow Bagel recently that looks absolutely delicious, and it's already taking the social media waters by storm. Haters may say that Australia has too many snakes that hitch rides in people's cars (which, sure, has actually happened before), but with these new menu items available in Australian Starbucks locations, tourists are surely going to be flocking down under. It sounds like this combination of Starbucks' Rainbow Bagel and Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino is worth the plane ride and possible exposure to a snake in a car.

So, what are the new offerings from Starbucks Australia? First things first: The Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino.

Lights, camera, Instagram. Starbucks' Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino is a blended beverage fit for any sort of snacking situation one might find themselves in. Starbucks' Australia site enthusiastically described the drink by saying, "Feast your eyes on our latest sweet and salty, crunchy munchy creation made with our signature Pop’zel (popcorn meets pretzel) syrup. Plus, its topped with caramel popcorn pieces, mini pretzels and ribbons of buttery caramel drizzle for the perfect nosh-able treat." It is, of course, available in Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes to cater to any craving. And, based off the description, it seems to be the perfect balance between sweet, salty, crunchy, and smooth. Could anyone ask for anything more?! Honestly, I'd be absolutely content drinking this drink, with its ribbons of buttery caramel drizzle, every day of the week.

Last but not least, the Rainbow Bagel:

Gorgeous, isn't it? Of course, the idea of a Rainbow Bagel is nothing new: The colorful doughy wonder has been a magnet for foodies to flock to in America thanks to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. Now, thanks to Starbucks, the Rainbow Bagel will rival the sun in Australia with its bright, colorful shine. As Starbucks Australia noted on their site, the bagel is actually made just like a classic New York bagel, because it's being offered as part of a partnership with NY Bagel. In other words, it's actually boiled rather than baked, which is the proper way to make a good bagel.

All in all, it's a good time to be in Australia.

For those of us stateside who want to get in on the Caramel Popcorn Pretzel Frappuccino, well, there is a sorta way — other than flying all the way to Australia, of course. Blending caramel and salted pretzels into what is essentially a caffeinated milkshake is a delectable delight everyone — no matter where on a map they are — should treat themselves to. So, my unofficial advice? Order a Caramel Frappuccino at your home Starbucks to go, and then dress it up with pretzels and caramel popcorn for that extra flair. It might not be exactly the same as Australia's golden new hit, but it'll at least give you something to dream about while you research tickets to Australia.