This Millennial Yellow Frappuccino At Starbucks Will Make You Feel Like It’s Spring Already

There's a lot to love about Starbucks locations in America just the way they are. Mobile ordering has made it even easier for all of us to get our caffeine fix every day, the mere thought of summer 2017's Unicorn Frappuccino makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside — and cake pops? Don't even get me started on cake pops. Starbucks U.S., you keep being you... well, mostly. If there's one thing I'd change, it'd be having this beautifully pastel yellow drink available to Starbucks lovers in the U.S., because currently it's only available in South Korea, and based off photos it looks amazing. What is Starbuck's Choux Cream Frappuccino, you might be asking? This icy drink will make you feel like spring is already here.

POPSUGAR reported the launch of the Choux Cream Frappuccino in July 2017 when the drink hit Starbucks stores across the Asian country. According to POPSUGAR, the Frappuccino "was inspired by French cream puffs and combines the classic Starbucks espresso with a sweet custard flavor and steamed milk." There was plenty of hype leading up to the drink's grand entrance, which was teased via social media as early as February! Twitter hype is a universal language, and no matter where you're from, you can take one look at a yummy-looking beverage pic in a social media post and know immediately that you've just gotta have it... especially if there's a cream-filled pastry involved too. Hello, gorgeous.

That cloud-like garnish is more than just your average whipped cream drink topper. Per POPSUGAR, the Choux Cream Frappuccino is finished with custard-flavored whipped cream! Imagine swirling the taste that's at the center of your favorite pastries into a full beverage that's also designed to taste like custard. My mouth? Yeah, it's watering. If this doesn't already sound delicious to you, it's worth noting that the drink is also available in South Korea both hot and cold, so it's ideal for either summer and winter cravings.

I wish I could tell you that we here in the U.S. have a chance at trying this treat at one of our own local 'Bux stores in the near future, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. The only way to get a taste of this liquid custard magic is to book a trip to Korea. I, for one, (sadly) have no grand travel plans in the works, so if you do get your hands on the Choux Cream Frapp, you can bet that I'll be waiting for you to report back, like, ASAP.

Those of us without the chance to actually try this drink can at least look at how pretty it is. Doesn't that yellow color just make you smile? I, for one, can't help but think of sunny spring days when I look at it.

There's more to that sunny yellow shade than meets the eye, though. The Cream Choux Frappuccino is even more trendy than it planned to be — ahead of its time, really, since it debuted last year — because, according to Man Repeller, Gen-Z Yellow is kicking millennial pink to the curb as the hottest color around. "Just like millennial pink, Gen-Z yellow is not one particular shade, but rather several shades, from buttercream to melted butter and beyond," Haley Nahman writes. "Just like millennial pink, it's finding its sea legs by way of the young and the hip, which can only mean one thing... the entire Internet will probably look like the inside of a banana."

These straight up delightful pictures of the mouthwatering drinks from Starbucks Korea certainly get us a step closer to that. And if we're lucky, the growing demand for all things yellow will convince the Bux to give we Americans a chance to try the Choux Cream Frappuccino.