Tati Westbrook Just Teased Another Halo Beauty Product & Here's The Hints So Far

It's the most vague tease ever but that hasn't stopped fans and followers from formulating theories and hypotheses about what it all really means. Influencer Tati Westbrook's latest Instagram tease was a black and white, behind-the-scenes video captured during a photo shoot. Westbrook goes by the @glamlifeguru handle and her super honest product reviews have earned the love, respect, and adoration of millions of beautyistas. The moment she posted the super short clip, her fans wanted, craved, and clamored for answers and info.

In the footage, Westbrook's long hair is off her shoulders while an assistant holds a light reflector under her chin while she is photographed. She captioned the image by stating that "something special is almost here" — and it was off to the races for her ardent fanbase.

As of press time, the clip has been viewed over 400,000 times and generated over 1,000 comments. The Tati faithful weighed on what they think her hint is referring to.

Westbrook launched her Halo Beauty brand earlier this year. While many were expecting a skincare line or makeup products, she actually dropped a hair, skin, and nails supplement instead.

Many are passionately hoping that Westbrook will finally dive into the product realm with Halo.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn't reveal much at all. So in order to fill in those gaps, the followers were vocal. Below is a sampling of some of fan-generated theories, along with their comments and the things they are wishing for. Clearly, the Tati faithful is a loyal bunch that expects top quality from her.

These users are stoked. One made a critically important point — if it's Tati-endorsed, they are essentially all in. Others expressed a palpable desire for skin care items.

Could it be more from her own Halo Beauty or is she working with another brand and fronting a campaign? Is it hair products or a highlighter? We just don't know.

This user truly assessed all of the information, context clues, and non-verbal cues available in order to come up with this theory. A highlighter is hardly out of the question. But there is no right or wrong answer until we hear it straight form the source, which is Westbrook herself.

While many users have sung the praises of the Halo Beauty supplements, a good portion of Westbrook's fanbase was disappointed that she opted to go that route over products when debuting her brand. She very well may have leapt into action to answer that call. Or perhaps products that were already in development for some time are good to go. She did say in a YouTube video upon Halo's launch that she fully intends to grow as a brand and expand into other categories. Maybe that time is now?!

Bustle reached out to Tati Westbrook and Halo Beauty reps for further information about this much-discussed tease.

Until the glamlifeguru reveals more intel, we will just have to hurry up and wait. It'll be worth it, though! It always is when it involves Tati Westbrook.