Tati Westbrook's Beauty Line Isn't A Makeup Collection Right Now & Fans Are Shook

Most beauty influencers start their own brand or partner with an existing beauty industry behemoth to create a capsule collection. It's smart business, as an influencer's, well, influence is expected to sell product. YouTube beauty influencer Tati Westbrook is launching her own Halo Beauty line, which she announced via a video on her channel to the delight of adoring and loyal fans. However, Halo Beauty isn't debuting with matte liquid lippies or a holographic highlighter.

Instead, Halo Beauty's first product is vitamins!

Since what you put into your body is as crucial as what you put on it, Westbrook and Halo Beauty are maintaining a laser-sharp focus on the concept of beauty from within.

Westbrook, aka GlamLifeGuru, definitely threw her dedicated followers a cosmetic curveball. They were expecting her first foray into product to be a moisturizer or makeup that they planned to purchase based on their trust of her reviews.

But launching with a booster is also what makes Westbrook standout from her many peers.

While Halo isn't starting with cosmetic products, Westbrook promised she will eventually get there. So be patient!

Westbrook's eight-minute announcement video documented her 7-year journey as a product reviewer and internet sensation, in addition to revealing Halo Beauty. In it, she acknowledges that she knows her diehard loyalists were expecting her to create cosmetics.

At approximately the 6:50 mark, Westbrook says her supplements are "working from the inside out, which to me, is a more potent, better way to deal with some of your issues with dry skin and appearance issues than a moisturizer or makeup. Those are just kinda like icing on the cake. And I promise, we will get there. I do want to grow as a brand. I have a lot in mind with where I want to go. But we're starting here, with beauty from the inside out."

So there you have it. Products are on the horizon — albeit not immediately. Fans are shook by the news, regardless.

This comment on the YouTube video sums it up. Westbrook didn't do what was expected and is inviting her fans to further believe in her. She has earned that right.

Westbrook is not your average YouTuber, that's for sure.

This comment actually encapsulates how many Westbrook devotees felt at first. They want product and they are disappointed that they are not getting it... yet. The second part of her comment is quite telling. Westbrook fans are willing to respond with their dollars. That's a testament to her sphere of influence.

This Twitter user also makes a valid point. Fans should not bash Westbrook for her decision to kickstart her brand with something unexpected.

The YouTuber's sincerity and passion emanate from the announcement video. Westbrook emphatically and emotionally states that the Halo is "an inclusive brand where everyone falls under the halo. It's for all of us, and it is good and it is pure."

Halo Beauty's Hair, Skin, Nails Booster is a hot pink pill with her name on the cap, complete with an "XO." She states that her supplement is "100 percent Tati-approved." That's high value currency in the YouTube beauty influencer world, because Westbrook's followers and subscribers believe her claims and assessments of product.

She promises it is the perfect vitamin that will make a difference and improve your skin from head-to-toe. She also suggests taking two per day and then you'll see results in two weeks! Based on the "beauty starts from the inside out" concept, it's as though these vitamins are a non-tangible primer of sorts.

Courtesy of Halo Beauty

Westbrook's Halo Beauty launches on Friday, March 2 at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST. If you are one of the Tati-tes who desperately wanted product, you're going to have to wait a little longer. But rest easy knowing that she plans to go down that road in the future.

This FAQ video should answer any other questions you may have.