Taylor's Post-'Bachelor' Life Looks Like Fun

Rick Rowell/ABC

Although I feel for the women who decide to be followed by TV cameras as they find their true loves on The Bachelor, but there can only be one winner. That means that 29 (yes, really) women have to go home on Nick’s season of The Bachelor. Most will return to their everyday lives, while some try and extend their 15 minutes of fame by selling teeth whitening products on Instagram and being on Bachelor In Paradise four times. That’s just their journey, you know? I really like 23-year-old mental health counselor Taylor on Nick's season, but what is Taylor doing now that The Bachelor is over?

I have no idea whether Taylor gets dumped or ends up with Nick, but no matter what, all of the gals have to go home and pretend they’re not with Nick — even the fiancée. So far on Nick’s season of The Bachelor, Taylor has been known for speaking her mind. She does not (and I repeat, does not) like Corinne, the 24-year-old who likes to brag she has a nanny and doesn’t know how to do her own laundry, and boy, has Taylor made that known. The two have had a few kerfuffles, and it’s certainly added to the drama of the season.

Taylor may be the youngest person vying for Nick’s heart, but she’s among the most accomplished. According to the Baltimore Sun, she has degrees from Stevenson University and Johns Hopkins University, and she now runs her own mental health counseling practice. At 23! When I was 23, I’m not sure I woke up before 11am, so Taylor definitely has some serious motivation. I peeked at her social media to see what she’s been doing since The Bachelor wrapped.

She's Rolling With It

I haven't been on rollerblades since the 1990s, but I am a categorically uncoordinated individual. Taylor, on the other hand, probably never falls down. You know how I know? No protective padding. I look like a football player if I have to be on wheels, and she just glides through her home of Seattle. Some things aren't fair.

She's A Model

I'm not sure that we'll see her on many runways, but modeling + Bachelor mini-fame = a nice nest egg or money to put back into her practice.

She's Remaining Positive

I give those in the mental health field a lot of credit, because they basically have to listen to people's problems all day long. I would bring it all home with me and stress out, but Taylor seems a great fit for the role. She wants to help people, and she posts little reminders to take things a day at a time on her Instagram.

She's Embracing Bachelor Nation

I love watching the friendships that emerge after a group of people leaves The Bachelor. Taylor seems like she's tight with at least some of the women from the show, and those relationships are definitely just as important as possibly finding love at the end.

Like I said, I'm not sure if Taylor makes it to the end of her journey with Nick, but post-Bachelor, it sure seems like she's doing pretty well.