What Is The Best Drink For Preventing Alcohol Anxiety? There Are Ways & Means To Ease Your Hangover Blues

Studio Firma/Stocksy

Anxiety is a horrible feeling. It's never easy; whether it's caused by a rotten hangover the morning after the night before, overthinking everything and anything you've ever said, or if you are living with constant, crippling general anxiety disorder, that leaves you paralysed with fear at the thought of leaving the house. It's beyond difficult, and only amplified by alcohol, which is frustrating as truth be told, having a glass of wine or a vodka tonic or two can be a great social lubricant, and sometimes what you want to have fun and relax on a night out. So what is the best drink for preventing alcohol anxiety?

Many people unfortunately suffer from anxiety for the day after drinking, because, as Drink Aware reports, alcohol aggravates the nervous system, and increases anxious feelings and symptoms. It also worsens sleep, and a combination of alcohol, a hangover, and little to no sleep is ripe territory for seriously anxious thoughts.

Bearing that in mind, having a drink every now and then can be really enjoyable, and the good news is, certain drinks will help to minimise hangover anxiety. Even though pretty much all alcoholic drinks contain ethanol, they can contain it in different amounts and your body can react differently, so pick your tipple wisely. Here are a few tips to help you out.