What Is 'The Great British Sewing Bee' Prize? With This Loveable BBC Show, It's All About Taking Part

Each year, more and more people are coming round to the idea that The Great British Sewing Bee is an excellent way to spend their Tuesday evenings. Like The Great British Bake Off, the show's first few seasons have been a little lowkey, but now its fifth season is about to begin, I think this is going to be the year that The Great British Sewing Bee truly takes off. On it, you'll get to see a batch of amateur sewers battling it out to become Britain's best home sewer, but what is The Great British Sewing Bee prize?

Contestants shouldn't put a down payment on that mansion just yet, as the only thing the winner of The Great British Sewing Bee will be taking home is a trophy, the title of Britain's best home sewer, and, I imagine, some pretty sore thumbs. As Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant told the Telegraph on Feb. 15, 2014, "it’s not about the prize, it’s about the enormous honour of being crowned the champion."

And to rub some more salt in the wound, the Sewing Bee judge also said: "At least on Bake Off, they win a nice trophy. We made our trophy round the back of the set with coloured spray paint!" Couldn't they have sewed a better one?

BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

That doesn't seem to have put off this year's contestants, though. They're raring to go, and by the looks of things, there's going to be some very stiff competition for that naff trophy. Conveniently, most of the contestants already have an Instagram, so you can already have a little look at some of their sewed goods and judge for yourself.

First there's Elizabeth Hall, who, according to her Instagram bio, tailors "Sophisticated Style for the Contemporary Woman," then you have Jen Hogg, who seems to specialise in wool from the looks of things. For me, she's already a frontrunner since she also knits clothing for dogs. Following Jen is Mercedes who's also got my vote, as she appears to do her sewing around cats. If you own one, you can probably imagine how difficult that must be.

Another standout contestant for me is Tom Holmes, who showcases some super-fun bomber jackets on his Instagram. But I reckon Janet, with all of her "snazzy shirts" might win the most hearts back at home. Janet's the exact kind of person you'd expect to enter a reality TV sewing competition. In other words, she seems delightful. Overall, it's all looking great, and those are only some of this year's contestants.

You'll be introduced to the others when you tune into the premiere of season five of Sewing Bee, which is set to air on BBC Two at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Besides getting acquainted with the sewers, the first episode of the new season will also be comedian Joe Lycett's first time presenting the show as he takes over from former host Claudia Winkelman. I reckon this show's about to get real popular real quick.