What Is The Spring Equinox?

When Punxsutawney Phil crawled out of his burrow on Groundhog Day 2017, he disappointed the masses with a predicted six more weeks of winter, which was determined by him seeing his pesky shadow. At this point, somewhere around six weeks since Feb. 2, snow and sleet continue to fall from the gray, gloomy skies, and the people continue to freeze underneath layers of winter clothing. "When will it all end?" you likely find yourself asking every day as you emerge from the depths of your home to face the wind that makes your face hurt.

Don't fret, though: There is hope for you and warmer temperatures, yet! The vernal equinox, also known as the spring equinox, which signals the beginning of the spring season, will begin on Monday, Mar. 20. The crossing of the sun over the celestial equator from south to north signifies the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

In other words, in the midst of longer days marked by earlier sunrises and later sunsets, prepare yourself for the oncoming of warmer temperatures and sprouting spring flowers. Before you know it, the sun will warm the frozen grounds; the snow will melt away your winter woes; and it will be due time to pack away the heavy coats until next year.

How long until true salvation? One can only hope the Spring Equinox delivers on time.