Start Counting Down To The Spring Equinox

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Considering the weather is still snowy, gross, and icy (for those of us outside the haven that is the southern west coast, I guess), you're probably disappearing into a web hole or Netflix binge and dreaming of a time when the "weather" isn't a word that makes you sad. You're probably dreaming about when and what time the spring equinox actually is, because your hopes and dreams are tied to the idea that maybe once it's actually spring on the calendar, the weather will get the hint. Like, hello, it's March! Time for blooms, not blizzards.

When the grounds are covered with layers of dead leaves, frozen mud, and snow, it's hard to remember that they're even capable of being green and flowery. It's hard to remember that during half of the year, it's possible to leave the house without a dozen layers. It's hard to remember that being outside can not only be tolerable, but enjoyable — wonderful, even! It's hard to remember that skin can be soft and not scaly, that fruit can be fresh and not imported, and that brunch can happen on a sunny sidewalks and require sunglasses. It's hard to remember that windows are meant to be opened and wind can feel refreshing. All of these warm weather ideals are hard to grasp from a chilly apartment with frozen rain whipping around outside.

Alas, spring is a thing, and it's coming our way, even if it doesn't feel like it. It will come and we will forget all about these chilly, gray days. We'll forget about how long it took to get here, and warm will be our new standard. We'll forget we ever struggled. Soon enough, we'll be complaining about how hot it is, about how scorching our car seats are, how annoying the early sun is, how inefficient our air conditioners are, and how sweaty we feel, all the time.

The spring equinox officially begins at 6:28 a.m. ET on Monday, Mar. 20. So if you can manage to hold out hope until then, this year might not be a complete let down. March snow storms like Stella are nothing new — they've happened many times before and not delayed the arrival of spring too much. So let's just all hope that's what this is: winter's last hurrah. You know, it's just going out with a bang is all. Come next week, the birds might be chirping, the sun might be shining, and the chill might be releasing its grip on the wind. Perhaps, if we all think happy thoughts, the spring equinox will be something to celebrate, not another reminder that nothing is going our way. Knock on frozen wood.