The UK's Favourite Dog Breed Has Been Announced & It's A Bone-Afide Good Boy

Samantha Gehrmann/Stocksy

Any normal person stays awake all night scrolling through dog pictures on Instagram, right? Especially if they find themselves aching for a furry little friend. For a faint "yap yap" when they open the front door. For a creature to throw a stick for in the park. You know, all the important stuff in life. The UK really is a nation of dog lovers, so finding the UK's favourite dog breed was never going to be an easy task. Luckily, ITV has cracked it.

Last night, ITV aired a show called Britain's Favourite Dogs. The show was hosted by Ben Fogle and Sara Cox, who each brought along with their own dogs to help them with their presenting duties. I know. I can't. I wonder if the dogs got paid for their hard work? Imagine how many dog bones an ITV day rate could get you?

Anyhow, the TV show revealed the results of the poll that asked people for their favourite breed of dog. And a stonking 10,000 members of the British public took part, Country Living reports. Woof woof, that's a serious number. Of the 217 recognised breeds in the UK, 100 were selected and ranked, according to the Mirror.

Here are the top ten most popular dog breeds in the UK:


Mixed Breed

The humble mutt, mongrel, mixed breed—what ever you want to call it. This is my favourite kind of dog, hands down.

The beauty of a really unusual-looking dog is immeasurable, and mongrels are actually smart AF, according to a 2008 study from Aberdeen University. Sadly, however, they are often overlooked in favour of pedigree dogs.

Get yourself a unique dog and reap the benefits.


Golden Retriever

The quintessential beautiful blonde bombshell, golden retrievers were originally bred for "water retrieving," according to pet-food company Hills.

Golden Retriever love a little splash in the water, and an are incredibly gentle and loving breed. Their patient temperament coupled with them being easy to train means that they are often chosen as working dogs, especially as guide dogs.


German Shepherd

Another dog that is often seen working, the German Shepherds (AKA Alsatians) are often chosen as police dogs, guard dogs, and military dogs. They are ideal for these roles as they are obedient, smart, loyal, and will do absolutely anything to please their owner.

Beautiful, strong, and big cuddly bears, a German Shepherd won't let you down.


Border Collie

Hailing from the Scottish Borders, these dogs are best known for herding livestock. Their monochrome vibes mean they stand out from the crowd, and their super intense stare means that sheep absolutely do not mess about with these little fellas.



Boxers were originally bred from the British Bulldog and the now sadly extinct Bullenbeisser.

They are big loveable idiots and cuddly AF, while also being super agile and energetic.

Known for being excellent companions and guard dogs, they are also nicknamed "Peter Pan dogs" because they never quite lose that puppy-dog energy and playfulness.


Cocker Spaniel

These little guys were the first to rock the perm look, and their coats look like actual velvet. Ergh, so FETCH.

Cocker Spaniels are lovely, medium-sized dogs and cuddly AF. They were originally bred for hunting, which might be why they are so keen to be involved with the family and please their owners.

Warning: may induce extreme hair envy.


Springer Spaniel

Another dog bred for hunting, Springer Spaniels might well have the waggliest tails of all dogs.

They are super curious, clever, caring, and, above all, fun.

They are such little lovely babes that they seek attention a whole bunch, even from strangers. This one is about to be your fave cuddle buddy.



The Andrex puppy. Isis in Downton Abbey. Marley from Marley and Me. One of the most iconic of all dog breeds, sweet Labs are just so cute that they make you all gooey inside.

Originally hunting dogs, these gentle beasts are super affectionate, loyal, good with kids, and easy to train.



These dogs look like actual teddy bears. And, TBH, what more would you expect from a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle right?

The Poodle part means that their coats are hypoallergenic and they don't shed.

Cockapoos are energetic, friendly, loving, and, above all, cute AF.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffys deserved to be voted the most popular dog breed for so many reasons.

Let's start with the fact that they are gentle, friendly, energetic, and excellent with kids. So much so that they gained the nickname "nanny dogs".

Poor old Staffys have had a lot of bad press over the years, leading to a lot of them being left behind in dog shelters. So much so that Battersea Dogs Home chose to launch a campaign called "Staffys, They're Softer Than You Think" in which knitted little Staffys were pictured alongside their real-life counterparts.

Battersea Dogs Home

Hopefully Britain's Favourite Dogs' recognition of Staffies will lead to more adoptions of these loving creatures.