Too Faced's Peach Perfect Product Is Unique

Mega matte texture isn't just for lips. Beauty obsessives know and live this! A soft, matte finish on the face is often desired by oily-skinned girls who don't want a dewy glow and prefer a smooth, soft canvas. Brand creative guru and co-fonder Jerrod Blandino teased Too Faced's Peaches & Cream Peach Perfect product on his personal Instagram. Blandino is know for his "sneaky peeks" of upcoming products, which he offers months in advance to keep the Too Faced faithful on their well-manicured toes and excited!

So what, exactly, is Peach Perfect, which is part of the new Peaches & Cream line and is a bit of a spinoff of the super popular, often sold out Sweet Peach range?

According to Blandino's latest Peaches & Cream update, which displays the box in which the product will be packaged, Peach Perfect is "a mattifying loose setting powder." It is infused with peach and sweet fig cream, so it sounds delish, of course.

In the caption, Blandino writes that the product will give you "luminous matte skin with a blurred soft focus effect! It's the modern way to do matte."

So, wait, you get mattified skin... that is also luminous? I know that seems like a contradiction of terms. But it sounds like it will let you enjoy a matte finish without your skin looking chalky or dull.

You can still have some luminosity, which makes it modern. But at the end of the day, you have to try it and see how it works with your skin's qualities and your body chemistry.

The reactions to the Peach Perfect tease are positive so far... because of course they are.

The Just Peachy matte eyeshadow palette is also part of the next generation of TF peach products. Blandino has been hashtagging the Peaches & Cream products as arriving in August exclusively via Sephora. It looks like the brand has another peachy keen winner on its hands.