‘Little Women: LA’ Star Traci Is Still Loving Life

by Laura Rosenfeld
Richard Knapp/Lifetime

So much has happened on Little Women: LA since its very first season premiered in May 2014. As the show prepares to kick off Season 6 on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime, there have been weddings, babies, and brawls throughout the course of the series. In that time, cast members have also come and gone, including original Little Women: LA star Traci Harrison Tsou, who left the cast after Season 2. So what is Little Women: LA's Traci doing now?

Well, a lot can happen in two years. Actually, a lot can happen in just a few days, as 2017 has already shown us time and time again, but I digress.

What I'm saying is just because Traci may no longer be living her life in the spotlight doesn't mean it's been dull or not worthy of being on a reality show or anything like that. In fact, Traci initially stepped away from Little Women: LA because of something major happening in her life. Traci announced that she and her husband, Erik Tsou, were expecting their first child, aka "#babyTsou," on Twitter in July 2015. Traci left Little Women: LA after she found out she was pregnant in an effort to stay healthy while she awaited her little one's arrival, according to PEOPLE.

And parenthood isn't the only way Traci's life has changed since Little Women: LA. See what else Traci has been up to since we first fell in love with her on Little Women: LA.

She Grew Her Family

Traci and her husband, Erik Tsou, welcomed their first child, son Jacob, in November 2015. This was an especially joyous occasion for Traci and her husband because the couple struggled to start a family on Little Women: LA. Traci even opened up on the show about suffering miscarriages.

She Loves Her Little One

Since Jacob's birth, Traci has been filling her Instagram profile with too-cute pics of the baby boy. Traci keeps her followers updated on his milestones, big and small, from growing up to first swims to taking his first steps.

She's Still Tight With Terra

Though she may not appear on Little Women: LA much these days, Traci and her son have made cameos on the show's spinoff, Terra's Little Family. It should come as no surprise, then, that Traci is still good friends with her former castmate, Terra Jole. Traci was even one of Terra's biggest fans when she competed on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, this also means that Traci's 15-month-old son, Jacob, and Terra's nearly-2-year-old daughter, Penny, are so close, they're practically family. Jacob and Penny are uber-adorable on their own, but put 'em together, and they will instantly melt your heart.

She Has Love For Her Other Former Castmates

In fact, Traci has remained friends with many of the Little Women: LA ladies, including Elena Gant and Tonya Banks. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't look like Traci has kept in touch much with her onetime bestie, Christy McGinity Gibel.

She Had Some Health Issues

Traci underwent surgery on her spine in July 2016, she announced on Instagram. Thankfully, Traci soon announced on Instagram that she underwent a successful surgery and was in recovery. If the rest of her Insta photos are any indication, Traci seems to be as good as new these days.

She's Still Keeping The Faith

Little Women: LA fans learned that Traci's faith was very important to her during her time on the show. She and her family have kept up their commitment to their faith today going to church and celebrating the Sabbath, as well as holidays like Christmas.

Clearly, it's a wonderful life for Traci.