Fans Want Kristin To Put Wirth To Work On 'Very Cavallari' & It's Pretty Hilarious

Amidst the news of a The Hills reunion, we cannot forget that some alums of the famed reality show have already moved onto other reality pastures. Kristin Cavallari has her own thing going on these days with an E! reality show documenting her small business ventures, and she brings along with her a cast of intriguing new characters. So what is Wirth Campbell's job on Very Cavallari?

When he's working for Cavallari, Campbell is classified as a "retail associate," doing general work around Cavallari's shop, Uncommon James. In an Instagram video, he says he's considered a "shopgirl," and seems to consider himself a jack of all trades. Cavallari says that in an environment largely made up of women, Campbell grounds the employees around him and makes a worthy addition to the group — even calling him "perfect."

Other than his duties at Uncommon James, Campbell seems to have a knack for modeling, and appears to have some sponsorship deals, which is how he probably makes some of his cash on the side. He also is a former athlete — AL.com reports that he walked onto Auburn's football team as a tight end, but he only ever actually saw the playing field twice back in 2013. His Facebook account confirms his modeling contracts, and also suggests that he has other job a place called "Ruckle & Rye."

Of course, some fans have alternative views of what he actually does around the store. Plenty of people have pointed out that his jolly smile is often just seen flitting around the store, grinning in the background as mayhem unfolds around him.

What DOES He Do?

There are a lot of tasks that could fall under the umbrella of the "retail associate" title! Maybe Campbell spends his days unloading boxes, arranging displays throughout the shop, or assisting customers while they browse.

Plus, in recent weeks, it's become clear that Campbell is by no means hurting for money — he's actually worth a lot already. Get it? (I'm so sorry.) He casually let drop on the show that he has a beach house and a private plane . So maybe peacefully chilling in the background of a reality show is exactly what he wants — and can afford — to be doing, even if it's not super clear what his main responsibilities are.

Even if he's not exactly gunning to be CEO when Cavallari steps away from the company, Campbell is a hit with fans, and there are plenty of people on social media yearning for more screen time for the resident "shopgirl."

More Wirth, Please

Campbell's job description can remain as ambiguous as it likes, from the looks of it. While people are curious, they also seem to simply enjoy his presence enough to not read too much into the specifics. It is a reality show, after all. It wouldn't be surprising if the cast of Very Cavallari was hired for their screen presence more than their practical, professional skills.

Job-based reality shows always allow employees much more freedom and leeway than would ever fly in the real world — Vanderpump Rules, anyone? But Campbell is bringing in eyeballs, and doing no harm, and that's really all that matters.