The One Product You Need To Keep Your Tattoo Bright, Hydrated, & Beautiful

Deciding on whether or not you should get a tattoo — you know, inking yourself forever — is a large enough decision that the stress of how to take care of it should be at an absolute low. Enter LUSH's Elbow Grease, the multipurpose lotion for your tattoos that's aimed at keeping you and your tats looking bright and bold.

If you've ever gotten a tattoo, you know there's so much information out there on how to care for your new ink, but which one should you trust? Most say to listen to the tattoo artist who worked on you, while others have a regimen down (it ain't their first time at the rodeo). But most people can agree: the lotion you use to keep your ink bold and healthy is extremely important.

That's where LUSH's Elbow Grease comes in. This magic product is one of their #freshnewlush inventions (along with bath bombs, mouthwash tabs, and body butters). Filled with extra virgin coconut oil, rich cupuaçu, murumuru and illipe butters, it's designed to bring out all the best parts of your tattoo.

LUSH suggests applying it over your healed tattoo to "make those colors and details pop, and enjoy its gentle citrusy perfume of neroli and orange flower..." That's the key: it's a lotion for after your tattoo has fully healed, not during the process.


Elbow Grease, $11, LUSH

Cute name, too, no?

But it's not just for your tattoo needs — even if you're not inked up, this beauty will still keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated.


Talk about ultimate hydration!

Plus, since it's under 100 ml, you can actually travel with this baby in your carry-on, which means no dry skin ever again. To apply, just spread it on lightly.

You can purchase Elbow Grease online now at, or in stores starting July 31.

Elbow Grease is just one of the many new Lush releases — and they look good.

And fans are freaking out.

And who wouldn't be excited by the new colorful products?

Whether you're looking for something to put you to bed, spruce up your bath, or just boost your skin up in general, this new release has it. Products that are targeted for tattoos are so few and far in between, and Elbow Grease is about to change that.

So if you're about to get inked up or are still healing — don't forget to pick up a jar of this magic product.