This Is How Mercury Retrograde Could Be Messing With Your 2019 Summer Holiday Plans

by Alice Broster
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Summer might be a time for relaxing in the sun but it can also be pretty hectic. Between organising weekends away and big holidays, you have to be on your A game and, if you’ve felt a little off lately, there might be a reason why. We entered Mercury Retrograde on July 7 2019 and you better be ready for your plans to be sent on a tailspin. This is what Mercury Retrograde July 2019 means for your summer holiday plans according to a professional astrologer. If communication on your group chat has been worse than usual, you can’t find your passport, or there’s already been an argument between the friends you're going away with, then you might have the stars to blame. But Mercury Retrograde isn't all as all bad as it seems.

It’s hard not to look to astrology when your life feels like it’s spinning out of control. A common cause when life is getting a little bit jumbled is Mercury Retrograde. Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year for three weeks at a time. Professional astrologer Leigh Oswald says: “It’s a time when things get blocked, restricted, and there’s confusion in communications and technology.” She continues:

“It tends to brings communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. People tend to meet at the wrong place or the wrong time. It’s a bit of a mess.”

Trying to get all of your friends to decide on a date they’re all available to get away can be a big task in itself without the stars working against you. Mercury comes out of retrograde on Aug. 2 21019. So below I've laid out exactly what you might come up against over the next few weeks based on the info Oswald gave me. Buckle up, guys. We're in for a bit of a bumpy ride.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Mercury will enter Aries' fifth house, which is love, life, and children. So, you may have doubts about a partner you’re going away with. Children may not know when you’re going away or you may even lose one at the airport. Don't have a Home Alone incident this summer.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Taureans may come up against some pretty stressful domestic stresses. The person you’ve organised to feed the cat while you’re away may cancel on you. You may discover a leak in your house just before your holiday. You need to make sure everything is good to go at home before you leave for a well deserved break.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Geminis may have some serious problems with travel. Have you checked your train times to get to the airport? Check your car hasn't got a flat tire and has petrol. There could be some nasty surprises waiting for you and the chaos may begin even before you've boarded the plane.


From July 19 to the end of the month, money will be the problem for Cancers. Make sure you know how much you have spent on your holiday. Have you exchanged your money in time? Miscommunications about spending could really plague Cancers holidays and there's nothing that leaves a bad taste like coming home to a surprise bill.


From July 19 to the end of the month, health may be on Leos' minds. As Mercury enters Leo’s first house, you may realise you don’t feel too well, an injury you thought was fine may crop up again, or a long awaited doctors appointment may be right in the middle of your holiday. You don't want to be hobbling around all holiday so keep your eye on how you feel.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Virgos may experience some psychological blocks or fears. You may second guess who you’re going away with and rather be by yourself. You might also feel uncomfortable flying. Or someone may give you a review on the place you're going which may make you second guess the trip all together.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Libras' plans on holiday may be messed with. You may experience frustrations with your friends or that museum you wanted to visit may be closed for the season. If you're a lover of a holiday itinerary, this will be your worst nightmare.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Scorpios' work may follow them on holiday. You might find that a project needs immediate attention and if you delay it’ll create problems for your colleagues. You may end up regretting booking time off all together as you just can't shake the work stress.


From July 19 to the end of the month, the problems Sagittarians will face are literally to do with long distance travel. Whether it’s delays or cancellations to trains and planes to bad weather stopping you getting from A to B this is a traveller's nightmare. You can control somethings but travel problems aren't one of them.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Capricorns may feel a little bit out of touch with their sexual partner. If you’re going away with a new partner they may expect something new in bed. You might not have the same ideas for the holiday. There may also be some misunderstandings about the sharing of costs. Pooling money can be a little awkward so watch out Capricorns.


From July 19 to the end of the month, relationship issues, rows, and misunderstandings are going to be facing Aquarians. You might find people are singing from different hymn sheets or want to do completely different things. You might find yourself getting enraged by your travel companions or misunderstandings may follow you around.


From July 19 to the end of the month, Pisceans may also be plagued with poor health or a mix up in routine. You may have a sense that the holiday is simply too much for you to handle physically or your plans are messed up by someone falling ill. Nothing ruins a trip quite like a cold so watch yourself before you make the flight out.

While this all sounds pretty damning for your fun summer plans, Mercury Retrograde shouldn’t be seen as a completely awful thing. "What Mercury in retrograde is meant to do is make people stop and rethink," says Osawald. "To make people pause and reorganise something, the philosophical goal is to work out why you’re experiencing a block and what you need to rethink."

Whether you’re a health-troubled Leo or a doubting Aries, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to stop and think about your plans.

And, yes, you might feel a little bit messed up and plans may not play out how your originally expected them to, but the only thing you can do is go with the flow. You can’t fight the stars after all.

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