Nick Has Kind Words About The New 'Bachelorette'

Mark Coffey/ABC

Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor is nearly over, and yet we already have a Bachelorette ready for the new season! She’s still on the show with Nick and the other contestants, but Rachel Lindsay is the new Bachelorette, per an announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live! But, what does Nick think about Rachel being the Bachelorette, considering it looks like they're still falling for each other on TV?

Nick’s casting of the Bachelor actually set the precedent for premature announcements in Bachelor Nation. He was still on Bachelor In Paradise 3, still courting Jen Saviano, when Sean Lowe proclaimed that Nick was the new Bachelor. He still had time to go on Bachelor In Paradise, just like Rachel has probably a week or two to go (I don’t know how far she makes it) on The Bachelor. Those ABC producers, they sure like to keep us viewers on our toes.

Nick is an expert in being on Bachelor shows, so I’m sure that he has plenty of words of wisdom for Rachel in her new role. Following the announcement about Rachel, Nick had some stuff to say. He took to Twitter following the announcement to give a giant endorsement of his former flame — and of the show's decision to finally cast a black Bachelorette.

Rachel is smart, funny, thoughtful, and totally going to rock it as the Bachelorette. Things may not have worked out for her romantically with Nick, but at least he's on her side as she enters the next phase of her life. And, maybe he can even pass on a tip or two.