Here’s What Olympic Sport You Should Try, Based On Your Sign

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If you've been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics and thinking you need to learn yourself a winter sport, ASAP, same. I've spent the last few days trying to decide between freestyle skiing and figure skating. Because despite the fact that I'm terrible both on a slope and in a rink, watching the Olympics is incredibly inspiring and makes me believe that I can do anything with hard work. So if you, too, are watching the games and thinking about getting over your aversion to cold so you can properly embrace a winter sport, you'll want to properly consider your options. With so many winter sports, you might be overwhelmed with trying to decide which to try. But here's what I say: when in doubt, look to the stars. That in mind, I've created a list of suggestions of what Olympic sport you should try, based on your sign.

For instance: If you're outgoing, you might want to try something more showy, while if you're an organized person, you might want to try something that has a concise rule system. If you're social, you might want to try something that involves more of a group effort. See what I'm getting at? It all goes back to our star signs.

So check out your sign and see what the stars have in store for you. You might have spent the last winter on the couch watching Netflix like it's a sport, but next winter you might be outside, having fun in the cold, adding a new hobby to your book of interests.


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You are a courageous pioneer. You're the kind of person who likes jumping into a fast moving vehicle, which is why you'd embrace the bobsled as a fun sport that gives you the thrill you know and love. You're also impulsive, which will you get past that blip of fear you might feel when you're about to begin.


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You're patient, you're understanding, and you're incredibly persistent, which you need to be when you play ice hockey — because quite literally, players are always getting knocked down in this sport. You've got the personality to get back up and be a great team player.


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You like to go with the flow, follow the breeze, and constantly evolve. Freestyle skiing would surely hold your interest, it's the perfect outlet for your youthful and creative enthusiasm.


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You're sensitive and emotionally charged. You need an outlet that lets you both express yourself and expend energy. Figure skating could be that outlet for you.


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Leo, you're a rebel — but not without a cause. You love to take risks, and things that normally freak other people out, excite you. Ski-jumping sounds just about as rational to you as diving off a diving board.


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You are modest, particular and thrive when you reach accuracy. The luge is one of the most precise and non-showy sports there is. It takes you from Point A to Point B, and you are all about that.


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While you like to express yourself, you're more interested in what's fair and right. A timed speed sport that's as precise as skating is ideal for you. Give speed skating a try, you just might love it. Especially if you're good at it.


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You are powerful, brave and driven. Tumbling through the air at high speeds with your feed mounted to a board doesn't scare you, it excites you! Which is probably why you're destined to love snowboarding.


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You're a straight-forward kind of person. You like to compete, but you like competition to be controlled and calm. You can't get much more controlled or calm than curling, so give that a try!


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You are so ambitious, you don't want to try anything unless it's difficult and then you want to be the best at it. Cross-country skiing is a sport of endurance and ambition, you'll be hooked in no time.


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You're honest and independent, you like to face the world head on. Which is why you won't be afraid of the skeleton sledding race, which requires you to dive onto a sled, head first, while you plummet down an icy track.


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What better place for an imaginative escapist than the top of a mountain? Alpine skiing might be just the hobby that fits your personality and athletic interests perfectly. Carving your way down a steep mountain at the speed of light doesn't terrify you either, it probably sounds like an inventive way to change up your normal winter interests.