Here’s What Restaurants Will Be Open On Thanksgiving

by Brittany Bennett

Once November rolls around grocery stores become obstacle courses. With a Thanksgiving shopping list looming above the kitchen cupboard, we put our fiercest faces on to endure the bumper grocery cart battles of the poultry aisle. Quit fussing over the last can of pumpkin pie filling and relax your facial muscles because there are a number of restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving 2017. Can you imagine a feast without a tower of dirty dishes? Picture waltzing into your kitchen with a neat brown bag of leftovers.

You'll still get to revel in the hearty helpings of traditional dishes like candied yams and turkey breast and a waterfall of turkey drippings gravy. All of the usual events you look forward to without having to deal with dodging uncomfortable familial situations. The waitstaff is your extended family now. And, because they're being incredibly generous by showing up to work on a day you have off, show them that family love like they're your favorite cousin. Everything you order is guaranteed to be good, so you'll want to try all these restaurants have to offer.

It's always crucial to check with your local branch with their Thanksgiving hours to avoid returning home to a plate of cold cuts. There may not be any designated nap rooms after you gobble down on turkey, but regardless, these are the restaurants to show thanks to this Holiday.


An estimated 14 million people relied on restaurants for Thanksgiving in recent years. IHOP is reported to be open for the holiday but hours will vary between locations, so make sure to call your local IHOP branch before fantasizing over Thanksgiving pancakes.

Waffle House

Waffle House is famously open 24/7, 365 days a year. Thanksgiving is no exception. While a local host tells me there's no planned changes to their menu to include holiday specialties, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a T-Bone.


One restaurant chain serving Thanksgiving dinner on a ceramic platter is Denny's. You can head over for breakfast or enjoy a warm dinner just as if your family was cooking it up.

Boston Market

To be honest, I am very loyal to my grandmother's baked macaroni & cheese. My calendar practically counts down to the dish instead of the holiday. But no offense to grandma, the Boston Market Thanksgiving dinner menu has me conflicted. You can chose between an individual meal or a feast for three. All the fan favorite sides are available as well as whole pies for less than $10.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel offers to do the cooking for you, in case you want to do the whole take-out thing. Avoid dishes and get the whole feast fixings for a party of up to 10.

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is reported to have certain branches open on Thanksgiving Day. Give yours a call before waltzing in for an array of ways to enjoy potatoes from mashed to fried.


You'll have to call to see your local branch's Thanksgiving hours, but Applebee's will be your go to place to slice into beer and cozy into a spot with the best view of the football game.

Romano's Macaroni Grill

Romano's Macaroni Grill will be open on Thanksgiving! Hours may vary per location and might closer earlier than normal, but, who says you can't have mozzarella on Thanksgiving?

Golden Corral

Take a deep breath before grazing the buffet menu that is available on Thanksgiving at Golden Corral. It's stocked with side dishes including ~PIZZA~ because why not and sweet corn pudding. In addition to carved turkey and ham, shrimp is available, making this one buffet to start lining up early for.


Luby's is another restaurant offering to bring the feast to you so you can avoid grocery store parking lots this November. They'll take care of everything from appetizers to entrees to an assortment of desserts.

TGI Friday's

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your entire family in tow at TGI Friday's. They also offer a gluten free menu year round that's good for the one member in your family who has sensitivities. It's always nice to know someone is looking out!

Smith & Wollensky

While the Thanksgiving 2017 menu is not yet published, here's a peek of what they served in 2013. Excuse me as I cancel plans with my family and reserve a table for one.

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Of course they're open on Thanksgiving. Psh.

McCormick & Schmick's

Multiple online reviews praise Thanksgiving dinner at McCormick & Schmick's.

Black Angus Steakhouse

It might be a steakhouse, but Black Angus has seasonal specials like a Mascarpone Caramel Cheesecake that will be stiff competition for a slice of pecan pie after Thanksgiving dinner.

Maggiano's Little Italy

Last year's menu of Thanksgiving dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy is just a hint at what an event 2017's will be.

Bob Evan's

A "loaf of pumpkin bread" from the Premium Farmhouse Feast menu is all I need to hear to pull up a chair at Bob Evan's this Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your feasts and don't forget to say thank you as many times as humanly possible in a seating.