These Restaurants Are Open On Thanksgiving In 2016

Not everyone wants to hang out with their extended family or in a fancy restaurant on Thanksgiving. Some of us just want to wear elastic waistbands and eat our hearts out without having to talk about how we're doing at work, and what our relationship status is, and if you could please pass the candied yams before they're all gone — so restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving in 2016 are the perfect solution. Sure, family time and fancy meals are nice, but Thanksgiving doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. And really, there are no rules. All our founding fathers cared about was that we take the time to come together and be grateful.

Yeah, some of us just want to wear the same sweatshirt we wore to bed and some old boots out to a national chain restaurant and order something greasy and delicious and give into our craving desires. And really, it's not too much to ask. The good news is, there are tons of restaurants that are staying open for us, for this very reason (and, y'know — in case something goes wrong with the turkey, and we need a plan B). The following restaurants will be open, serving Thanksgiving meals and being receptive to our comfy pants and unruly hair. Because Thanksgiving isn't about getting dolled up, it's about being thankful. And some of us are thankful for sweatpants and the right to abstain from brushing our hair on national holidays.


Most locations will be open, but you'll want to call ahead of time for local hours as many of them will be closing early.

Boston Market

Boston Market is open for business, but head there on the early side if you want a seat.

Black Angus Steakhouse

This steakhouse is accepting reservations for large parties and will have multiple prix fixe or a la carte options!

The Capital Grille

They're open until 9 p.m. and serving a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixings.

Cracker Barrel

This restaurant is open every single day of the year except for Christmas Day. Call for hours in case they close early in your area.


Take your time, as usual, Denny's is open 24 hours a day!


Open for business but with limited hours. Call your local joint for hours and do consider breakfast for dinner!

Golden Corral

Enjoy a Thanksgiving buffet until 7 p.m. You'll have to do the early bird special to get in on this deal.

Marie Callender's

Marie Callendar's is offering multiple Thanksgiving dinner combinations that you can take out and reheat or eat in the restaurant. Call ahead for reservations if you feel like sitting down to enjoy.

Panda Express

Forget turkey — eat noodles and rice. Follow your bliss!

Ruby Tuesday

Most locations are open until 8 p.m., but you'll want to call ahead of time to make sure your particular location isn't closing earlier.

T.G.I Friday's

This chain is only open until 5 p.m., so you might want to aim for a Thanksgiving brunch? You're the leader of your own Thanksgiving destiny!

Happy eating!

Images: Giphy; Pexels