Astrologers Say This Zodiac Sign Should Reconnect With Family During July’s Mercury Retrograde

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Scorpio is typically a pro at riding the waves of summer — but in July 2019, Mercury retrograde is likely throwing this sign off their game. While this sign will be feeling incredibly motivated to forge into new territory, they're going to have to create some tough boundaries for themselves and hang back to accommodate the shifting landscape of this retrograde. What Scorpio zodiac signs should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde summer 2019 are not intuitive. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, Scorpio should definitely not be listening to their gut during this time.

In other words, all of the things that Scorpios are going to be interested in doing are things that they should avoid — at least, for a little while. With the help of Stardust, I've put together a guide for Scorpios to keep in their back pocket to help them stay on the safest path during Mercury's retrograde. Though it might be hard to stand in place when you have the energy to bolt forward, Stardust predicts that Scorpios will regret the choices they make for themselves while retrograde, so revisiting the past is really the only way to go. Here's the rest of your summer should and should not list that Scorpion queens and kings might find surprising:

Should: Reconnect With Family


Though it might never seem like a good time to head to a family reunion, Stardust tells Bustle that now is actually the best time to do it. Reminiscing will feel good and old relationships will be brought back to life.

Should: Reconnect With Friends


"Hit up your old crew on social media and play catch up. This will do wonders for your relationships," Stardust instructs. Hanging out with old friends during this time can lead to long term bonds.

Should: Restructure Credit and Debt


Though this is not an ideal task to look forward to, Stardust tells Bustle that "this is the ideal time to get a hold on outstanding credit card bills and loans. You will be able to make a new payment plan and amend a standing one," so, take the time to do your finances and be rewarded.

Shouldn’t: Start A New Job


If you don't have to, Stardust says to avoid stating a new job until August 1. "You may not desire it once Mercury turns direct, so take time before switching professional aspirations and companies," Stardust tells Bustle. Aka, you might change your mind about that new job so wait until retrograde is over so you can be sure you're making the right choice.

Shouldn't: Travel Abroad


If you can avoid it, Stardust suggests that you don't bother making any travel plans, as your itinerary may change and unnecessary drama might come with your trip. If you have travel plans that you can't avoid, make sure you scan your important documents and go to the airport extra early to leave room for potential complications.

Shouldn't: Make Any Investments


Even if it looks like a really good deal, Stardust suggests that you "take a beat before investing in the stock market during this retrograde to ensure you make the most from your dollars." Though of course there's no way of predicting the value of an investment, the odds are not in your favor, so wait until after Jul. 31 to play with stocks.