These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Feel The Rocky Effects Of Mercury Retroshade More Than Everyone Else

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Just when you thought things were going to be looking up after Mercury retrograde came to a close on Apr. 15, Mercury retroshade is here to burst your bubble. Yep — that the retrograde post-shadow period is still a thing, and for two weeks after Apr. 15 as Mercury turns direct again, we're all gonna be feeling those retrograde effects linger in our lives. That said, some of you might be in the clear more than others, because there are four signs that Mercury retrograde's post-shadow period will affect the most due to the planet's position in the sky. While all signs will still feel the retroshade effects (aka, similar roadblocks they experienced during Mercury retrograde, albeit slightly duller), these four signs will feel it the most. Lucky ones, huh?

While Mercury retrograde only ran from Mar. 22 to Apr. 15 this time around, the pesky reality of pre-shadow phases and post-shadow phases ensured that all signs began feeling Mercury retrograde effects on Mar. 8, and they won't stop feeling it until May 3 — those two weeks before and after are due to Mercury being in a "transition" phase in and out of retrograde.

Depending on the attitude you adopt for the planetary interruption, it can either be a disastrous time or a transformative time. If you're hoping to have the latter experience, all you have to do is embrace the chaos. Take some time each day to reflect on the events that surprised you and find something that you can learn from it. Maybe there are ways you can better protect yourself from changes, or maybe there are better ways you can compose yourself in trying times. Every stressful experience is an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Here are the signs that are in for the most stressful Mercury retroshade period.


You're a natural-born leader and you're always ready to go. You don't do well with setbacks, though, and after three weeks of intense obstacles, you're desperate to get going again. The retroshade period is going to be extra hard for you because you're chomping at the bit to get going again, but are still feeling foggy — this retrograde was in your sign, after all. So, make it easier on yourself: try to distract yourself with hobbies and other interests until May 3. You'll get your energy back, I promise.


You like things the way you like them, and when things don't go your way, you feel intensely frustrated. If you mentally prepare yourself to expect lots of continued tension and stress over the next two weeks, you'll be just fine. Just allot extra time for setbacks, and remember that things will be normal again very soon.


You seek balance and thrive around justice. During retroshade periods, you have a hard time finding such things. But if you think on your toes, allow yourself to be flexible, and go with the flow a little, you can adjust along the way without getting totally derailed. If people around you are completely disorganized and it's stressing you out, for instance, spend some extra time organizing your own life to find that balance. If your feeling overly-focused on certain tasks, find some time to veg out, turn your brain off, and watch TV. Create balance where there is none, and you'll survive the retroshade period just fine.


Your ambitious nature is one of your greatest attributes. But the retoshade period is going to make it hard for you to keep up the pace and move forward as directly as you'd like. Try to have a good attitude about it and use this time to reflect and consider new strategies and goals for yourself. Just because you're not physically moving forward doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this time to mentally move forward. Be the sign to get ahead by not allowing the stress of setbacks to actually set you back.