This Dating App Found What People Are Thankful For & There's Good News For Single Kanye Fans

by Natalia Lusinski

With Thanksgiving coming up, 'tis the season for being thankful. Hinge, the relationship app, found out what singles are most thankful for this year. Last year, the former dating app got rid of swiping and replaced it with ways to showcase your personality, as well as those of your potential matches. Hinge profiles consist of six photos, three personality-revealing questions, such as "what I'm thankful for," personal information — like workplace, education, and hometown — and your last 27 photos from Instagram. Since they've upped their game, Hinge has become five times more effective at turning connections into conversations and leading to five times the number of dates.

For their latest report, Hinge data scientists analyzed the behavior of members, approximately 21,000, who chose to answer the question, "what I'm thankful for" on their profile. "At Hinge, we ask Members to answer a few personality-revealing questions, because we believe when you're real, you find something real," Jean-Marie McGrath, Director of Communications at Hinge, tells Bustle. "With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we were curious to know what our Members were most thankful for, so we analyzed responses to the question 'what I'm thankful for.' The data shows that men who are grateful for Kanye and women who appreciate food receive the most likes, proving that Members should just be themselves on Hinge because it leads to better connections."

Without further ado, here's what singles are most thankful for this year, women's top five, followed by men's top five, according to Hinge's findings. These answers to "What I'm thankful for" received over 100 likes.

For Single Women:


You, Pizza, And Wine


My Family And Friends And Sour Patch Kids


Blueberries And Sheep


Peanut Butter, Harry Potter, And Cheese Jokes


Halal Carts Are Definitely One Thing

For Single Guys:


Kanye Getting The Support He Needs


Iced Coffee All Year Round


Ice Cream, Mom, Brother, Dad, Friends, Kanye




My Uncanny Ability To Pass Out Almost Instantly When I Get Into Bed

OK, is anyone else surprised by all the Kanye mentions?! In any case, you probably now have a better idea of what singles are most thankful for, which will probably get you thinking about what *you're* most thankful for, too. Then, you can answer dating app questions accordingly to showcase who you truly are, both online and off.