This Super Popular Brand Now Offers 70 Different Bra Sizes So You Can Find Your Perfect Fit

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Inclusivity is once again proving the be the new standard — not some fleeting trend. Bra brand ThirdLove has added 24 new sizes — from the cups to the bands— to its repertoire. Cup sizes up to H and band sizes up to 48 are now available, giving shoppers a total of 70 options. That's quite a "cup-grade."

The company isn't using the term plus size to refer increased sizing, either! Since language can be so loaded and can make people feel a certain way, the brand is opting out regarding the term. Instead, ThirdLove views your size as your size minus verbal markers.

Did you just fall in love with ThirdLove due to that sort of thinking? Well, the bras themselves are equally as worthy of your ardor!

ThirdLove impacted the undergarment scene with half-sizing since all boobs are not created equal. Now, the company offers more sizes than other bra brands. As someone who eventually learned that my boobs that fall between DD and E, the "right size" bra struggle has always been real. When I switched to ThirdLove bras, I finally found my fit. With this size expansion, so many other women will be able to solve that bra conundrum!

According to the press release received by Bustle, the average bra size is 34DD.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Several brands don't go above a D cup with their offerings. That means so many women don't have much in the way of choices for stylish and supportive bras.

That said, those that do offer bras beyond a D cup often refer to those choices as "plus size."

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Brand co-founder Heidi Zak explained why ThirdLove is purposefully nixing that vocabulary, saying, "Words matter. At ThirdLove, your size is your size. Who are we to tell a woman her size is in a different category from the size of the woman sitting next to her? These kinds of derogatory terms have no place in a company that makes products for women." Truth.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

For perspective, ThirdLove notes that most other bra retailers sell approximately 30 sizes. The graphic below points out that Victoria's Secret carries 36 sizes, while Aerie sells 31 sizes. Calvin Klein sells 26 sizes.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

With 24 new ThirdLove sizes, you don't need to break out a calculator to do that math. Clearly, ThirdLove is providing such the most vast and diverse array of sizes. The brand also noted that the waiting list for the new sizes is 1.3 million strong. Again, the simple arithmetic there tells the story. These bra sizes are a necessity since they consider more women.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Zak stated that this size expansion was a direct result of customer feedback. You asked — ThirdLove listened.


"Speaking to women who told me that our company didn't make a bra for them was painful to hear. Women were rightfully upset that we didn't carry their size. That's why we've invested substantial resources to expand our size offerings," Zak proclaimed. "ThirdLove's ethos is to have a bra for every woman, to help every woman feel confident every day of her life. This is just the beginning; we'll be launching more sizes and styles in the future."

You will never battle to find a bra again.

Courtesy of ThirdLove

Two other amazing thing about ThirdLove's size extension? While the additional sizes increase the brand's production costs to nearly 45 percent due to a variety of design factors require to ensure proper fit, it will not increase its prices by passing that cost along to the customer. The new sizes will look and feel exactly as the brand's previous versions, as well.

"We know you can't just take a 34B and scale it up to a 40G — that's a recipe for a bad fit," Ra'el Cohen from ThirdLove said. "Our new bras are made of the same high-quality materials as every other ThirdLove bra. We've worked tirelessly to design bras that don't just scale up in size, but that have additional supportive elements that are nearly unperceivable to the naked eye. We have added an additional layer of fabric and wider elastic hidden inside the top and bottom of the band. These elements are completely hidden so that our new bras are just as beautiful as every other bra we offer."

Courtesy of ThirdLove

You hear that? These are beautiful bras that look and feel good.

With the memory foam cups, padded straps, and plentiful sizes, ThirdLove are bras those you never want to take off. They were also designed with you in mind. Take it from a ThirdLove loyalist!