'Justice League's Trailer Features A Symbolic Song

by Allie Gemmill

The DCEU's answer to the Avengers has arrived in the form of the Justice League, with a trailer and catchy song to help get us hyped for the film's release later in 2017. The gang's all here and they're assembling to the sounds of a familiar tune, if not slightly revamped. What song is playing in the new Justice League trailer? Well, if you're a classic rock buff, then you'll recognize the song instantly as "Come Together." For this trailer, it's an updated cover that has been appropriately enhanced with bigger rock music elements to echo the sheer scale and force of the action in the trailer. The song also manages to set the tone for Justice League, thanks to its meaningful lyrics.

"Come Together" has been a staple of the classic rock songbook for decades now. The best-known version of "Come Together" is The Beatles' version, but other artists like Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, and Joe Cocker have taken a whack at it over the years. The song is guitar-heavy and thumping, along with an amusingly murky message that brings together strange ideas with a chorus that's all about unity. Funnily enough, you could say that's kind of what the Justice League trailer is setting up for us.

The chorus of "Come Together" is a simple one: "Come together / right now / Over me" and the lyrics are a strange mish-mash of ideas. However, putting it in the trailer for Justice League is a fun and interesting one. I won't get too wacky in drawing a super symbolic, important line between the song and the trailer (because there isn't one), but I will say that putting a song that's full of strange, dark, weird imagery — there's chatter about toe-jam football, spinal crackers, and walrus gumboots in "Come Together" — is similar to the strange, dark imagery being shown in the trailer. To be fair, we have a better clarity about the plot of Justice League than we do about "Come Together."

The song and its very important refrain make for an interesting pairing. That said, the trailer itself is enhanced with the use of "Come Together" to sell the coming together of some of the DCEU's greatest heroes. The song reiterates why the Justice League is the one team you want to come and save the day: More superheroes are better than none.