The New 'Justice League' Teaser May Make Aquaman Your Favorite JL Member — VIDEO

I'm, of course, inclined to immediately think Wonder Woman is the greatest character in the Justice League, because, I mean, she's an ancient Amazonian who fights bad guys... What's not to like? And yet, the new Justice League teaser may make Aquaman everybody's favorite character. The way the dude keeps his chill every time an entire ocean of water hurtles toward him is seriously awe-inspiring. The 15-second teaser is meant to prepare the viewer for the upcoming official trailer on Saturday, but despite its size, it packs quite the punch.

First, we see a glimpse of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, standing triumphantly while what seems to be a tsunami comes rushing toward him. Then we get another visual of Batman throwing Aquaman his magical trident. It looks like something action-packed is about to go down, but all I can wonder is — why are Batman's batty mitts are all over Aquaman's trident? Especially after the next clip, where we catch a glimpse of what the watery superhero can do with his tool, which appears to be manipulating the ocean to do his bidding while rocking the most intense high-concentration face I — nay, the world — has ever seen.

Finally, in a blink's worth of time, we see the entire team standing on a platform, looking like ever the superhero crew. The whole teaser is epic, to say the least.

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The clips are interspersed with title cards that announce, "In 2 days” and “Unite the League." In the first trailer from 2016, Batman seems to be trying to rally a begrudging Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, to join the League and protect people against a great threat he believes is imminent, but Curry doesn't seem to thrilled about the prospects. The trailer, along with this focus in the teaser, sort of make it seem like Aquaman might not only be a favorite character, but also key to helping the Justice League save the day. Having him as a member of this united league may be super important.

We've seen hints of Aquaman in both the previous DC universe movies —during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice when Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) watches video files of meta-human sightings, and in a post-credits scene in Suicide Squad, in which Amanda Waller hands Bruce Wayne files on Aquaman, the Flash, and other meta-humans in exchange for his protection. But Justice League will be our first real look at Momoa's character until the Aquaman standalone, which is set for release Dec. 21, 2018.

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From everything we've seen so far in the Justice League promo content, it seems clear the wait for Aquaman will be well worth it for what might just be the coolest Justice League member. Until then, we've got the new trailer coming up on Saturday, March 25, and the JL premiere date of Nov. 17.