Sasha Got A Brand New Tune On 'TWD'

Gene Page/AMC

It's certainly no "Easy Street," but a new tune has found its way into the ears of of a Sanctuary cell... or maybe a coffin road trip. What song is Sasha listening to on The Walking Dead? Negan's latest captive recruit may have found her swan song.

The song takes us in and out of Sasha's dreams about Abraham that may/or may not be some kind of afterlife. The fact that Maggie is with her during all of this is particularly stressful. Anyway, thanks to some super music sleuths on Twitter (and a shot on the old school iPod that identified it towards the end of the episode) we can identify it as "Someday We'll All Be Free" by Donny Hathaway. You may remember it from the end credits of Spike Lee's film Malcolm X, covered by Aretha Franklin. Other artists including Deniece Williams, Bobby Womack, and Alicia Keys have also recorded the song.

Unlike Daryl's torture song, which was written specifically for the AMC series, this is an existing piece of music. Halfway through the episode, we learned that Eugene gifted the iPod to her for the trip to Alexandria in Negan's coffin — kind of as an apology gift — and she chose "Someday We'll All Be Free" to listen to.

Little did Eugene know just how significant that road trip was going to be. That was the last song that Sasha listened to while living, and she finally got to enact one last bit of revenge when it ended.