Sasha Is Trapped In More Ways Than One On 'TWD'

Gene Page/AMC

Well, the good news is that it seems like Sasha may not be as willing to die on The Walking Dead as I originally thought. Eugene may believe that she is far gone, but that was just a failed ploy to get a weapon. However, will Sasha join Negan on The Walking Dead? She's not willing to hurt her friends, but she may have to start playing the game.

Sasha's arrival at the Sanctuary was neither as luxurious as Eugene's nor as musical as Daryl's. However, her stay in a cell was relatively short-lived. After making a display out of "saving" Sasha from a potential attacker, Negan tried to get her to join him. Specifically, he wants her to stop Rick from doing whatever he's doing. He gave her a knife with which to either kill herself or the zombified corpse in the cell. Unsurprisingly, she chose the corpse. The Walking Dead may be more about people than walkers, but you should still make sure to kill them first. Even Rick and the ladies of Oceanside knew that.

Eugene came by to play good...er cop with her, I guess. Sasha attempted to trick him into bringing her a weapon — presumably to commit suicide with, but her face betrayed her true intention. Unfortunately, Eugene returned with one of the poison pills he had been making. It'll be interesting to see how that figures in later. It's clear that Sasha will never be on the side of the Saviors, but her next moves are crucial.

Gene Page/AMC

Meanwhile, Dwight is switching sides and joining Alexandria — and Negan might have a spy in one of the outer communities. How did he know that Rick is recruiting? Who told him? My money is on Gregory, but there are so many new characters between the Kingdom, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Heapsters that it could be anybody. The stage is set for the war to begin in the Walking Dead finale, and with loyalties flying left and right, it's going to be intense.