Here’s A List Of Every Store That’s Open On Christmas

On Christmas Day the streets may be so quiet that there won't even be a creature stirring, not even a mouse. That's because a majority of retailers shutter their doors for a well deserved day off to spend with family and that Christmas roast. But, if you want to venture out for either last minute stocking stuffers or a meditative stroll down an aisle, you'll want to know what stores are open on Christmas Day 2017. Knowing what's open means you won't have to spend time driving around to find an "open" sign when you need to get out for some air.

After the thrill of opening presents and the consequential task of gathering and recycling wrapping paper, you might not find much to do until guests arrive for dinner. Sure, you can help actually prepare the feast or fiddle with the new gear Santa dropped off, but to avoid cabin fever it's always nice to get out of the house. Or, maybe, you don't celebrate at all and need something to do besides snow shoeing the trails.

Whether you just got struck with a craving for pita chips that needs to be satiated immediately or need an activity to tide you over until businesses are up and operating normally the next day, there's at least something to do. It may be quiet on an almost eerie level, but the tame temper of town might actually be nice to experience for once. Find your merry cheer at one of these stores open on Christmas Day. And for the sake of the staff kindly working, give them a smile and a thank you.

Family Dollar

Forgot little gifts for guests arriving later in the day? Family Dollar will be open for you to rush to for those very last minute purchases. Call your local store for Christmas Day hours!


If you just want to stroll through aisles of snacks and personal care items, CVS will be open on Christmas. But call your store for holiday hours just in case!


Walgreens is scheduled to be open on Christmas Day which is very convenient. Especially if you need to write a few final holiday cards or gear up on travel size shampoos for your upcoming holiday travels.


Love mom's artichoke dip but suddenly craving a Slurpee? You must've been on the nice list this Christmas. 7-11's are scheduled to be open on Christmas Day, but make sure to check your local store's holiday hours!

Cumberland Farms

Taking advantage of quieter roads and taking a long haul trip in the car? Cumberland Farms should be open for you to refuel your car and your snack situation.


Is your go to convenience store Rite Aid? They're scheduled to be open on Christmas Day for all of your shopping needs.


You know that feeling when you're all set to start prepping dinner and then you realize you're missing one thing from the recipe but can't substitute it out? Albertsons grocery store has aisles upon aisles of groceries that you might need to round out Christmas dinner.


If you're going out to get some gas in preparation for your the road trip you're planning on taking, Speedway will be open. And while you're there, stock up on those road trip essentials like packets of gum.


Looking to get some lunch in before the big dinner but your mom is kicking you out of the kitchen? Head to Sheetz on Christmas Day to indulge in one of their made to order sandwiches.


Call your local Starbucks store to find out their specific holiday hours. And if they're open, round up your family's coffee order and treat everyone to some grande holiday specialties. Maybe even pick up a last minute gift from their selection of CDs and merchandise.

AMC Theatres

Okay, it's not exactly a store, but it is something to do. Late December is prime time for blockbuster releases. AMC Theaters will be open on Christmas Day for you to find entertainment if you can't sit through another viewing of A Christmas Story one more time.