Here’s How Having More Daylight Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Michael Steele/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Dec. 21, we'll slowly start to reclaim the hours of daylight that we've been missing over the last few months. (Are you mom-dancing in your chair? Because I am.) After the winter solstice, the sun will begin moving north again after hitting its southernmost point, which means that you'll begin to see more and more sunlight. In a few more months, you'll even be able to see the sun after work! Sadly, this doesn't change the fact that winter has only just begun — actually, Dec. 21 is also the first day of the astronomical winter — so the only real benefit to the occasion is incremental increases in the length of each day. Even so, it will have an impact, and I'm here to tell you what the winter solstice means for your sign.

To be totally honest, the immediate effects of the solstice are going to be pretty small, and it will take a while for you to fully appreciate how nice it is to have longer days and shorter nights. Still, you might approach this shift differently depending on your personality (at least, as it's described by Cafe Astrology). That is, if you even notice or care that the shift is happening. More on that below!


You're an intellectual, Aquarius, so I wouldn't be surprised if you've spent some of the many dark hours of the last few months scrolling through Wikipedia (or elsewhere) to learn more about how the lack of sunlight impacts your health and productivity. With all the research under your belt, you're fired up to see how much better you're going to feel when you get a little extra sunlight every day.


Like your Aquarius pals, you're very aware of how the reduced daylight has been affecting your body and mood over the last few months, especially because Pisces tend to be more tuned into the environment than some other signs. You may find yourself feeling more energized within just a few days, and you won't hold back sharing the good news.


There's not much that fazes you, Aries, and since you approach life in a direct, head-on way no matter how light it is outside your window, you probably won't notice or implement a lot of change to your routine.


Like Grumpy Cat here, you're a creature of habit, so all of this is quite frankly annoying to you. I'd hazard a guess that if it was up to you, there would be the same amount of dark and light every single day, all year 'round, so you'll probably just try to stick to your schedule and avoid the friends and colleagues who are gushing about how great the extra daylight is.


You go with the flow, Gemini, so the winter solstice probably isn't even a thing for you. More sun? Cool. Moving on!


Even under the warmest, brightest conditions, you probably have a tendency to retreat into your own little world — and while the cold temperatures still to come this winter probably won't entice you to give up your season of hibernation entirely, you might start making a few grand appearances in the outside world here and there.


Leos are ruled by the sun, so you will enthusiastically soak up every extra minute of sunlight available to you. You're probably going to feel much happier and more energetic too.


A planner and forward thinker by nature, you've already moved mentally past the immediately post-solstice weeks when the days feel just a little bit longer. Instead, you're getting excited about the prospect of al fresco happy hours and spring BBQs on your porch. It's never too early to start planning for you, Virgo!


Libra, you're extremely social, so you don't see any reason to wait for warmer temperatures to kick in before you grab your friends for some fun. You'll seize every extra hour of sunlight you can get if it means more time to hang!


This winter solstice isn't that interesting to you, Scorpio. You're keeping your focus on the future and on achieving whatever personal or professional goals you've set your sights on. The day-to-night ratio probably feels fairly irrelevant.


You're outgoing and love being around people, so you're just happy to see everyone around you perking up and looking ahead to brighter days. It's all uphill from here, Sagittarius!


Unless the winter solstice is affecting your life or schedule in a very specific way, you may not even notice that the days have started getting longer until it's practically time for the summer solstice (BTW, that's in June).