What The Lunch You Took To Elementary School As A Kid Says About You

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I'll be honest — my memory of school lunches consist mainly of all the food groups that kids idolized in the '90s. Pizza Lunchables? Check. Capri Sun? Check. And don't even get me started on Pizza Friday and Sloppy Joe Tuesday at my elementary school's cafeteria — those were beautiful, amazing days. Sure, maybe the occasional vegetable like a carrot would sneak its way in, but those aren't really the things I remember about the lunches I ate back then. I remember the good stuff, though — and I remember how the bagged lunch every kid brought to elementary school said a little something about who they were as a pre-adult.

It's funny to think about that sort of thing now, especially considering how many of us have replaced Lunchables with organic, biodegradable, gluten-free this and that. Back then those things just didn't exist to us kids — I don't think I even learned what gluten-free meant until I was out of college. But, I'll tell ya, back then I could put together a pizza Lunchable in a second.

When it comes to school lunches in the '90s, it was truly a hodgepodge of strange and delicious food items. Here's what some of your favorite bagged lunches said about you back in the day:

Turkey Roll Ups, Bugles, And Crystal Pepsi

You were the queen of the cool table and you knew it. which is why you didn't mind trading one of your turkey roll-ups for a few gushers every now and then. It was these formidable moments that taught you everything you needed to know about the importance of diplomacy in life.


You were probably kind of a handful at times, and knew you had to be persuaded to get to school on time on more than one occasion. Lunchables were the perfect go to for the kid who, while not the most popular, was definitely the class clown. You lived and died for for laughs, and didn't seem to mind that you had to build your Lunchables pizza yourself, because you knew you would get to wash it down with a Reese's after.

Sloppy Joes & Fruit By The Foot

You're well-liked by everyone and you always have been, but you don't really care about all that. You wanted to enjoy your food in peace so you could really savor it, and you probably still do.

Handi Snacks, Gushers, And Capri Sun

You're a picky eater who's kind of all over the place when it comes to food, so this smorgasbord of Handi Snacks and Gushers washed down with a tropical fruit Capri Sun was all you'd eat back in the day.

PB&J With No Crusts, Carrots, And Celery Sticks

You were class president back then, and you're probably either in a super high-ranking role at your job now, or in politics. While you know you can be slightly "type A sometimes," you don't really care — you didn't want to break out of your comfort zone back then by branching out when it came to your bagged lunches, so you didn't. It was all apart of your routine and helped you learn how much you like consistency — something that's probably helped you a lot in your adult life.

Mac n Cheese, Goldfish, And Hi-C

You were a simple kid who liked simple kid things. While school wasn't really your fave, you had tons of friends and didn't mind sharing. In high school, you were probably the star athlete in one of your school's sports teams.

Corn Dogs, Fruit Roll-Ups, And Chocolate Milk

You've got a great sense of humor and love having lots of friends around you. While you were probably actively engaged at school, it was a pain to get you to do your homework in a timely manner — you just wanted your free time to be your free time! It all worked out OK though, because it taught you how much you value living life to the fullest, a lesson you've taken with you to adulthood.

Goldfish, Fun Dip, And A Tuna Sandwich

This kind of mixed bag lunch reflects your open-mindedness. You're always up for trying new things, and are adventurous both in love and in life.