Astrologers Reveal What Changes Could Be Ahead For The Kardashian-Jenner Family

by Astrologer Six
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Season 18 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is just days away — and there’s so much to unpack before the new season airs on March 26, 2020. We can expect Kylie Jenner to make her grand return, a potential peace offering between Khloe Kardashian and Tristian Thompson, as well as finally gaining some clarity on whether Kourtney Kardashian will quit KUWTK. The stars are continuously moving and changing signs and positions, but we can look to slow-moving planets for a general reading on the auras and energies surrounding the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The major slower-moving planets that astrologers frequently keep tabs on are Saturn (structure and order) entering Aquarius; Jupiter (wisdom and abundance) and Pluto (transformation and rebirth) in Capricorn; Uranus (rebellion and chaos) in Taurus; and Neptune (dreams and fame) in Pisces. These sloth-like planetary bodies can give us insight into the long-term path that each Kardashian family member is on. Because Capricorn is ruled by slow-moving Saturn and Uranus is in the fixed and stubborn sign Taurus, it's unlikely that these transitions and predictions will happen overnight.

With Saturn moving into Aquarius just days before season 18 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians kicks off on March 26, we'll get a glimpse into where their relationships with each other are heading.

The Libra: Kim Kardashian (October 21)


It’s a major period of transition for Kim K — Uranus and Venus are currently in her house of transformation and death. While it may sound scary, spiritually metaphoric death is necessary prior to any glow-up. Kim is basically releasing an old version of herself in order to transform. We've watched as Kim shifted her priorities in the last few years to focusing on family and fighting for social justice (so Libra). With the north node of destiny lighting up Kim’s house of higher learning and travel, she may disappear from the limelight to focus on school and higher knowledge. As Saturn enters her Pleasure and Children House, it’s possible that Kim will take a step back to restructure how she creates and pursues "fun." This could mean assessing if her current way of life is providing her the joy that she requires, as well as potentially beginning a period of cutting people off towards the end of the summer. We'll start to see Kim focus shift onto what’s best for her children, and doing the work necessary so they’ll have fulfilling and healthy lives.

The Aries: Kourtney Kardashian (April 18)

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Kourtney is a strong, independent Aries woman, who’s actively working to heal her own wounds. With Uranus in Taurus, Kourtney is being forced to evaluate her values and her possessions. All the planets in Capricorn are encouraging her to develop boundaries and structure in regards to her public image and legacy. Maybe Kourtney's stepping back from the spotlight will attract the type of romantic relationship she needs since the cameras won't be present to investigate who she is or isn't dating. Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries might lead her to soul-search, perhaps even attending some type of spiritual retreat. During season 16, we saw how her trip to Bali inspired her, and if she continues to take time to focus on herself, we can expect to see some major healing occur. As Saturn enters Aquarius, we'll likely watch Kourtney cleanse her inner circle and begin building the best dream team for the person she’s becoming. All this personal healing could help her manifest the romantic partner she’s been dreaming of.

The Cancer: Khloe Kardashian (June 27)

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Between being a mother to True and developing a healthy relationship with ex Tristan Thompson, Khloe has a lot going on. Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter are all in her house of close relationships, which means she’s really been working to transform and learn within that department of her life. To gain a clearer picture of what we should expect next from this Kardashian, I asked fellow astrologer Amber Jay to provide insights on Khloe’s life. "With the planets that rule transformation, hard work, and wisdom, Saturn, occupying her seventh house of partnership right now, she is definitely learning what she wants and needs out of a significant other and a marriage," Jay says. Since Saturn entered Khloe's house of intimacy and death, it has been making a trine to her Imum Coeli, which is a point that astrologers read to understand someone’s family, heritage, and foundations. Khloe might find that unpacking relationships has less to do with the future, and more to do with unpacking her past.

The Leo: Kylie Jenner (August 10)

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Kylie may be the youngest, but her glow-up and rise to stardom has everyone watching. As astrologer iJaadee told me, "Saturn is currently influencing her house of self, and she is likely to start or announce a new business venture.” When I consulted the stars, I was also under the impression that Kylie would start up a new career project. With Venus in Taurus within her house of career and legacy making a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn within her house of work and routine, it’s very possible that she might launch a new beauty product or line. Her Taurus in Venus is also in harmony with Mars and Pluto in Capricorn within her house of health, so whatever Kylie is passionately cooking up could be something resolving about health and wellness. That's all good news, but the stars aren't without their downsides. “Conflict could arise with her siblings as this new tenure pushes her past the top — all hail the new Queen!” iJaadee says.

The Scorpios: Kendall Jenner (November 3) & Kris Jenner (November 5)

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With the possibility of Kourtney stepping back from KUWTK and Kim continuing to feel the weight of law school, Kris and Kendall may be forced to revisit their familial structure and create new boundaries and expectations. Kendall is preparing to undergo a journey regarding what she needs from others, as well as seeking how she can become more receptive to other people’s needs. With the Sun — the planetary “landlord” of her house of career and legacy applying a conjunction to Aries in Chiron, it’s possible that Kendall will start unpacking the person that she wants to be. Scorpio people have a habit of going along with what others want, but the next few months are going to look like Kendall piecing together what her legacy will be.

Kris, on the other hand, might take a turn from momager to mom-THEE-vacationer. While Neptune is still transiting through her house of pleasure and creativity, we might see Kris start focusing on some dreams of her own. With Uranus transiting through her house of close relationships and Venus preparing to enter her house of intimacy, we might hear about some interesting news between her and her boyfriend Corey Gamble.