This Is How This Weekend’s Full Moon Will Affect Your Sign

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It seems like everything is coming up roses as the full pink moon rises. Or at least, some kind of flower. Either way, this moon is supposed to indicate spring's arrival, and it's happening on March 31, so I'm happy about it! With spring in the air and a pastel moon in the sky, it's worth asking: What does the March full pink moon mean for your sign? Will you feel as refreshed as the season? Or will the ~vibes~ of these pastel moon beams will have you furiously rummaging through your messy closet of turtlenecks?

The second full moon of March — the first occurred on March 1 — will illuminate the sky on March 31 at 8:37 a.m. ET, according to This means the pink moon will also be a blue moon. Confused? Don't worry, I can help explain this color contradiction: When two full moons occur in the same month, the latter of the two is considered a blue moon. This doesn't mean that the shade of the moon will change its color to glow an icy hue. As for the pink part, don't expect to see a pastel orb in the sky. While this sounds like it could be the most beautiful moon of all time, it's solely named the pink moon for the time of year it rises — which is typically in April when flowers begin to sprout.

Astrologically, the energy this moon provides is a good time for renewal. As astrology site wrote, "Now is a good time to wake up as wild ground phlox gets the jump on other flowers and bursts into brilliant pink blossom. Because it is first, phlox is a herald of sorts, announcing that it is time to step forth into the raiment of your best intention and biggest dream."

It's time to collect the positive energy beaming down from this moon, as if they were Easter eggs, and move forward with your treasure. The Pink moon is also living up to a certain stereotype. This could be the perfect time for ~romance~. Everything is coming up roses — and pink moons!


Speaking of the theme of relationships, the pink moon practically illuminates only that when it rises on the March 31. You should be paying close attention to the relationships that are formed under the light of this moon. Whether it's romantic or business related, there is strong staying power here.


Sometimes, the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself. This pink moon will have you feeling like it's time to focus on your physical health, if only for your mental well-being. Now is the time to spring clean your daily health routines. Maybe add another glass of water to your day?


Pucker up for the pink moon, Gemini. You'll feel vamped up under these moonbeams and the ~vibes~ will be dimly lit candles. A crush could not be kept secret anymore, and — wait for it — it won't end with crushing results! You might just feel a wave of confidence at the end of March thanks to this moon.


The moon will have you feeling secure at home, which is a major part of what you care about, Cancer. Cozy up to your favorite fleece blanket and get a queue going on Netflix. Along with the season, everything will ~warm~ up.


You're going to want to stay close to your phone under the full pink moon, Leo. It's important to not forget about the little things or the people you think are cool with not hearing from you. Pick up the phone or send a sweet text to let somebody know that you're thinking of them.


Keep a journal around during this full moon. You might find you're brimming with a few brilliant ideas. Take notes and make a few notes on next steps. The resources will be at your feet! Not literally, but you know what I mean.


Life changing full moon, much? Let's not get too dramatic, but yes, the power of this pink moon in your sign could shake things up in a positive way. If anything, expect a lot of laughs and happiness and headway on projects you've wanted to have happen for a long time.


Let. It. Go. This full pink moon is all about setting yourself free from something negative that has been holding you back and down. Move forward and away from the past. There will be a strong support network there for you!


Not exactly sure about how you feel about something or someone? This full pink moon will help clear the air on all those mixed emotions. Get out of the house and hang with the squad — whether that's a night at the movies or gathering around a mountain of candy — it'll help with all that clarification.


Have you polished your resume lately? This pink moon could be brewing professional advancement vibes for Capricorns. Whether it's a new job opportunity or the right steps forward with a passion project, you'll be thanking your vision board.


Step outside the comfort zone, Aquarius. This full pink moon could inspire some adventuring that takes you a step away from the daily routine. It could help you find new experiences that you'll enjoy making part of your ~new~ routine.


This is all about ~self care~. Get yourself to a spa, relax with a playlist of meditations and take a selfishly long bath. This is the time to clean out the gunk clogging your self worth and confidence. Think highly of yourself!