What The September 2018 New Moon Means for Your Love Life


With summer winding down and — oh no — cuffing season sneaking up, perhaps you are wondering what the planets have in store for your love (sex?) life. For answers, we turn to the moon, a mysterious cheesy orb that holds sway over the tides and our emotional depths. That's especially true of the Cancers among you, whose feelings are a heavy foot on the accelerator speeding you through the shitstorm of life. Sorry, crabs! Anyway, as summer ends and fall creeps in, we are all staring down the barrel of a promising astrological development: The new moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018. What will this mean for your love life? Let's get into it.

Of course, we cannot ask the moon (which, as a new moon, won't actually be visible in the sky) what kinds of plans it made for us and reasonably hope for it to utter actual words in response. Instead, astrologer Valerie Mesa reveals what the September 2018 new moon, specifically, portends for us earthlings.

In general, Mesa tells Bustle, new moons bring new beginnings. On September 9, it will fall at 17 degrees in Virgo, "the sign of the harvest," Mesa says. "[Virgo] represents everything that has to do with our day-to-day life, our work routine, our habits, our responsibility, our health" — practicality, organization, structure. The September 2018 new moon packs a lot of earth and water energy, which will help us make solid, grounding decisions by leveraging our intuition. In short, it will help us — force us? — to get our sh*t together afresh after a season of fun and sometimes overwhelming frivolity.


Which suggests this lunar happening may ultimately bring positive, if not necessarily easy, news for all of us: Between September 9 and the full moon in Aries on September 24, it'll be prime time to get your house in order, and to ask yourself how you can reorganize in a way that best supports your physical and mental wellbeing. An honest answer may mean reassessing the relationships your gut tells you just won't work, or revisiting and revamping the way you communicate. Mercury, Virgo's ruler, has gone direct — that will only amplify the Virgo vibes, Mesa says. Further, this new moon falls at a very "karmic" angle, she says, prompting us all to fix and refurbish what's broken or messy in our love lives, with strong Virgo energy ensuring those efforts go smoothly.

What will the September 2018 mean for your sign's love life, specifically? Mesa breaks it down.