Dany Has A New Seat On 'Game Of Thrones'

courtesy of HBO

After the infamous ice melting of 2017 a few weeks ago, I can't believe we didn't have to watch paint dry to get new Game of Thrones content this time around. The latest video has some intriguing images, too. What throne is Daenerys sitting on in the Game of Thrones Season 7 teaser?

This is new territory, kinda literally, for Game of Thrones fans. Not only is this the first time we've ever seen Daenerys in long sleeves — maybe even in sleeves at all — but her story has moved well past George R. R. Martin's published books.

Is Daenerys in the Targaryen seat Dragonstone, as Vulture suggests? At the beginning of the HBO series, that island castle was given to Stannis Baratheon. That's where he was based for most of the series, during his romps with Melisandre and his daughter's lessons with Davos Seaworth. Oddly enough, though he called himself a king, he never really sat at a throne; so we don't know what it looks like. Dragonstone is also the last place that Gendry was seen, rowing along...

That said, the Targaryen seat might not be the only place, or even the first place, that Daenerys and her army would settle. The seat that Dany is sitting on looks more like driftwood than dragons. Could this be a Greyjoy throne? Remember, Team Targaryen now includes Yara and Theon Greyjoy, as well as Tyrion Lannister, Lady Olenna Tyrell, and the Sand Snakes of Dorne. They could be anywhere.


All I know is, I'm officially pumped. Daenerys Targaryen is finally in Westeros, y'all! I know that this is Season 7, and there's only one more to go after that, but it feels like this queen's story on Game of Thrones is finally getting started.