ColourPop's V-Day Products Are Launching Soon

ColourPop fans have reason to rejoice once again. Just off the heels of the Alexis Ren x ColourPop release, the brand is yet again launching new products. The ColourPop Valentine's Day Collection is coming, and it's headed fans' way sooner than anticipated. The collection of individual Super Shock Shadows, shadow duos, and lippies are definitely highly anticipated, and the collection couldn't come at a better time. With a week left until Valentine's Day, these beauties may come just in time.

According to the ColourPop Instagram account, the Valentine's Day products are headed fans' way at 10 am PT on Tuesday, Dec. 7. That means that if you're a West Coast fan, you'll need to set that alarm pretty early to snag these beauties, and if I had to guess, these beauties will sell out pretty quickly. After all, ColourPop doesn't just have bomb prices, but they've got bomb products as well.

Hype for the ColourPop Valentine's Day products has been building, and it has also garner some comparisons to the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection. From the duo shadows to the packaging, it's safe to say that they're similar in some ways. For some, that makes ColourPop's launch even more exciting. Those who missed the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day products, can snag ColourPop's goodies — or both if you're a real makeup junkie.

Fans are already excited for the launch over on Twitter, too.

Who doesn't want it all, to be honest?

It's got those Kylie Cosmetics vibes, too. Fans can snag these if they couldn't grab Jenner's products.

Fans are in love, and considering it's Valentine's Day, that's kind of perfect.

It's forcing people to re-evaluate their priorities.

If you want to snag some gorgeous products just in time for Valentine's Day, Colourpop's collection is perfect. Set your alarms for Thursday at 10 am PT, and you may be able to buy it all.