What’s Coming To Netflix In March 2017 Will Put A Spring In Your Step

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As the weather starts to heat up, so will your Netflix's queue. What's coming to Netflix in March will certainly make it hard for you to leave the house. In fact, you may want to sit right by the window so the only light you get isn't just from your TV, computer, or phone. Just like spring itself, Netflix is coming in like a lion with some strong new material.

The month starts with a few teen witches that are casting spells in high school movies and a whole slew of female jailbirds with pretty impressive singing voices. As the calendar days pass, March will offer up some chances to catch-up on a few peak TV shows like Oprah's mega-church drama Greenleaf and Shonda Rhimes' most addictive series. Well, one of the most addictive, since everything Rhimes does is hard to turn off. The month will also give fans some Netflix originals that you're going to want to watch, including a Selena Gomez approved teen drama and the return of your favorite sexagenarian Grace and Frankie — who are really focusing on the sex part.

Basically, you're going to want to plan your nights accordingly if you're going to get everything in before April.

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