What To Do For New Year's Eve, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If making plans on New Year's for you is as hard as picking a movie to watch on Netflix, you're going to want to decide what to do for New Year's Eve based on your zodiac sign. Just leave it to the stars to decide how you should ring in the new year. With so many options, from swanky parties, to fireworks and concerts, there's a lot to choose from. And if what they say is true, that the way you spend NYE will influence how you spend the year ahead, you'll want to pick wisely. There's no better way to pick the very best plan for you than by looking to the stars for guidance.

Each zodiac sign has different traits that respond well to different activities. Though we might all be able to agree that fireworks are a fine way the spend the night, there's one sign that's more suited than any other sign to enjoy a firework show on New Year's Eve. And while a night walk might sound miserable to some signs, to one sign, it's the most meaningful and fulfilling way to spend the night. So here I've done the math for you and broken down activities by sign. Here's how to spend your NYE, based on your sign. Note: if you're spending your NYE with a partner, you might want to check out what activity is best for them and try to find a compromise of the two, or check off both activities in one night.


Hit the club, you know you want to. Your ideal night is the perfect combination of socializing and glamorizing. So wear all the sequins and then head to that swanky club you had your heart set on, you have a decadent and joyful night in store.


Stay in and cook Taurus. You want a good meal, but you're far too practical to pay extra at an a prix fixe restaurant seating. So get all the ingredients to one of your favorite recipes and make it home. If you feel like being social, invite over some friends or someone special to enjoy the feast with you.


Go see a midnight showing of a movie you're dying to see, or re-see. You want a little bit of both this New Year's. You want celebration, but you also want sustenance. You want to toast at midnight, but you also want to do something cultural. Head to the theater and get in on the celebration, but walks away with a cinematic experience that no one can take away from you. It's a sure deal.


Watch a movie at home Cancer, you know you want to. You love NYE, but you don't like being a part of the chaos, so skip it. Stay home, wear your coziest pajamas, and watch a movie. Invite over some friends or a loved one if you want company, but don't force yourself to go out just because you think you should.


Throw a party, just do it. Nothing anyone suggests to you is going to sound good enough, so just take matters into your own hands and throw a party.


Whatever you do, make sure you watch the ball drop. It's not a real NYE without watching the ball drop and that's a tradition you don't want to give up. Whether you head to Times Square or watch on TV at home, make this a priority.


It might not sound fun to other people, but the most meaningful way for you to spend NYE is at home, journaling, meditating, reflecting on the year and looking forward to the future, alone. If there was ever a night to light some candles, pour yourself a stiff drink and romance yourself, it's NYE. You're a contemplative person and waking on up New Year's Day with a clear and focused mind will be a celebration all on its own.


Just cruise. RSVP "maybe" to all the parties you're invited to and make an appearance at however many you feel like. One thing won't be exciting enough for you, and you hate to feel stuck, so just plan on doing it all and see where it takes you.


You love to travel and be outside, so just do it. Book a last minute trip and enjoy NYE in a new city. Whether you take an hour long bus ride or hop a flight across the world, celebrating somewhere new will be the most fulfilling thing you do.


For you, fireworks represent NYE, so it won't feel like a holiday unless you see them. Pack a picnic, pour yourself a warm drink in a thermos, and head out to see the fireworks — they always bring you joy.


Take a walk, Aquarius, it will be a great time to reflect. Make sure you pick a safe and well-lit walking path, and head out on a long. It will act as a meditative experience and be seriously meaningful for you, setting you up for the most focused New Year's Day. If you feel like bringing a friend, the more the merrier.


Dress warmly and go ice skating. Check your local listings to see what rinks are open to the public on NYE and have a magical night under the stars and on the ice.