What You Should Do On New Year’s Eve, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

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New Year's Eve is a night of high expectations. Movies and TV shows make it seem like the biggest party night of the year — the night you should be counting down from 10 with your closest friends and family while having the time of your life. Some people feel that the way you ring in the new year is an indication of how you'll spend the next 12 months, while others find it to be an overrated, obnoxious holiday. However you feel, we can probably all agree that figuring out what you should do on New Year's Eve can be more than a little annoying. You either have too many options or none at all, and you usually feel like you have to do something even if you're not the party type. One way to figure out what to do on New Year's Eve 2017 is to take a look at your Myers-Briggs type - examining your own personality is the best way to figure out what will make you happy and fulfilled this Dec. 31.

Your Myers-Briggs type describes you in a more personal way than your zodiac sign, and can advise you on anything from who you should date to what book you should read next to how you should spend the last night of 2017. Not sure what your type is? Take a few minutes of your time to take the test — it's a lot more interesting than you might think.

The Myers-Briggs test is an examination of your personality based on Jungian psychology. Test results include four little letters that spell out who you are, what you want from life, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your path to success (no big deal). Once you have your letters and a better understanding of yourself, you can use them to figure out exactly what you should be doing this New Year's Eve. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't always necessary — sticking to something you'll enjoy is the best way to truly have a night to remember.

ISTJ: Hang At Your Favorite Spot

Some people take advantage of New Year's Eve to go somewhere new, do something exciting, or be surrounded by people. But ISTJs are calm, logical people who love stability and being in control. You prefer a small, close-knit group of friends over a big group. As an ISTJ you will enjoy NYE more if you stay in your comfort zone. Hang at your favorite spot with a few of your closest friends, family members, or your partner. Whether that means dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a relaxing night at home, you'll have fun and feel less overwhelmed.

ESTJ: Host A Big Party

ESTJ types are energetic, social people who are also great organizers and love bringing people together. This makes you the perfect host of a New Years party! Just don't get too crazy — ESTJ types like things a specific way and can feel uncomfortable with anything too unconventional. Keep things fun and easy by having the party at your place instead of renting something out, and try not to make the guest list too big. Organize a fun night and you'll feel super happy going into the new year.

ISFJ: Hang With A Lonely Friend

The ISFJ type is known as the "defender," meaning you're super helpful and loyal, and you love helping out others. While you love to be around close friends, you're probably a little more on the shy side, and wouldn't feel super comfortable being at a rager all night. Instead, plan something with a friend who needs a happiness boost. You'll have fun knowing you're there for someone, and you won't be doing anything that makes you feel too shy.

ESFJ: Help A Friend Plan Something

If you get the ESFJ type, chances are good that you're a popular person. ESFJs are dependable, friendly, fun, helpful, and outgoing. Put your best skills to good use on New Year's Eve and co-host a party with a friend. You'll be able to get friends together, hang with everyone you love, and assist a friend at the same time. What could be better?

ISTP: Go On A Trip Somewhere Interesting

ISTPs love to explore and learn. You might not find a house party super stimulating, but you'll probably feel restless if you stay home for a quiet night. If you can, plan a trip somewhere fun and interesting where you can get a little adventurous — maybe a new city where you can do some tours. ISTPs are super private, but you might find this trip more fun if you bring along your best friend or partner.

ESTP: Check Off A Bucket List Item

As an ESTP, you crave adventure, you're not afraid to take a risk, and you have the kind of personality everyone wants to be around. Ring in the new year the most exciting way possible by doing something super out of the box. Think about some adventures on your bucket list and figure out what you could do. Bungee jumping? Go for it! Skiing down a new mountain? Now's the perfect time. Who says NYE has to be all about the parties?

ISFP: Host A Small Dinner Party

ISFP types love adventure and risky behavior, and are also creative people who love stimulating activities. However, ISFPs aren't huge party animals, so going out to a big function might not be the best idea. Instead, host a small dinner party and invite people who will get good conversation going. You'll feel comfortable in a small group and with the right people, you'll have a night full of interesting discussions.

ESFP: Throw A Huge Theme Party

ESFP types are known as entertainers — you have a lot of energy, you love to be around people, you're fun to hang out with, and you love being the center of attention. So, take advantage of NYE and throw a big theme party where you invite everyone you know. You can think of an amazing costume that will make you stand out, and you'll get to plan an impressive night for all of your friends — which is exactly what will make you feel the happiest.

INTJ: Set Goals For The Year Ahead

While INTJ types are known for being smart, hard-working, and capable, they aren't really known for their social prowess. So, this New Year's Eve, don't force yourself to go out and do something you're not interested in. Hanging on your own and setting some goals for the year ahead might be more up your alley. Put together a plan, sign up for some classes, and set yourself up for even more success in 2018.

ENTJ: Accomplish Something You Didn't Do In 2017

ENTJs are known as commanders, and they're natural do-ers who love achieving success. Use New Year's Eve as your last chance to finish up a (doable) goal that you didn't get to in 2017. It will leave you feeling accomplished, satisfied, and happy — and once it's done, if you have time, you can go out to celebrate.

INTP: Hang With Your Best Friend

INTPs are a rare personality type: creative people who love to learn and examine things. If you're an INTP, chances are good you don't feel comfortable at big parties and you'd rather be alone or with just a few close friends. So, do that! Have your best friend over, watch movies, talk, play games, whatever you want — you don't need a lot of people to have a good time.

ENTP: Organize A Game Night

As an ENTP type, you're someone who loves to learn new things, be adventurous, and stimulate your mind. You're also kind of competitive and you love to be right... which makes NYE perfect for a trivia night, hosted by you. Get a bunch of games and friends together, and make this New Year's fun and intellectually stimulating... just don't get too obsessed with winning.

INFJ: Have A Few Friends Over

INFJ types are perfectly happy with a bunch of close friends, but going to a huge party? Eh, you could take it or leave it. For New Year's Eve, you'll probably be at your happiest and most comfortable if you have a few friends over for a small, fun get together at your place. As an INFJ myself, I know this is exactly what I love to do!

ENFJ: Organize A Bar Crawl

Okay, ENFJs, this is your time to shine. You love to be in the spotlight, take the lead, and plan. You also have a lot of friends and you tend to be quite social. Instead of organizing a party, do a bar crawl. You can go out, meet new people, and generally have a great time.

INFP: Stay In For A Quiet Night

While some might consider New Year's Eve to be the biggest party night of the year, you're probably not too interested in that. INFPs are quiet, reserved, and tend to keep to themselves. Instead of forcing yourself to be social just because you think you should, stay home and do what makes you happy.

ENFP: Go Out Without A Set Plan

As an ENFP, you have an energetic and social personality that attracts others, and you're also a free spirit who loves to party. Don't tie yourself down with plans for NYE — go where the night takes you and enjoy being spontaneous.