15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Says He Doesn’t Want Anything


Father's Day is a day to appreciate your dad and show him that you care... with presents. Lots and lots of presents. Your dad might insist that you get him nothing — he might say that the last batch of Father's Day ties you got him were enough to last a lifetime. And while that may be true, you might still feel compelled to get dad at least a little something. But, what should you get your dad for Father's Day when he says he doesn't want anything? Get him the gifts he doesn't even know he needs.

Forget ties and golf balls. Dad's right, he probably doesn't need or want anything under that umbrella. But what about his very own comic book starring him: Super Dad? How about a hot sauce-making kit?

When dad says he doesn't want anything for Father's Day it means that he's happy with what he has: his family. After we spend a good three minutes "aww"-ing over this sentiment, it's time to get to online shopping. Because presents are fun. While spending time with dad is the ultimate way to show him you appreciate him, and writing a card doesn't hurt in conveying your gratitude, adding a little something-something extra that he wasn't expecting shows him that he's the most deserving and loved dad.

1. Zero Waste Starter Kit: The Basics

If you've noticed that your dad has been sharing a lot of environmentally conscious articles on Facebook, help him board the zero waste express. A basic kit won't be a basic gift!

2. Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Surprise dad with his very own comic book because all of those little things he did when you were a kid — like you drive you to your best friends house every weekend and picking you up from slumber parties you weren't ready for yet — were nothing short of heroic.

3. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

Dad probably issued you a few dozen time-outs back in the day. This Father's Day, issue him one, but in a nicer way. A hammock will be a welcomed time out from the havoc of the day-to-day.

4. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe 3-Speed Portable Retro Turntable with Bluetooth and Pitch Control

If you attribute your musical talents and taste to dad's record collection, hook him up with a throwback that's been made modern.

5. Afternoon Wheat Beer Making Kit

Give dad the gift of a weekend project that will result in the reward of cold, homemade brew. It's pretty much two gifts in one.

6. Post Shave Toning Elixir

You know you love your Herbivore Botanicals toner. Introduce dad to the wonderful world of toner with a product you trust.

7. 5 Gallon Bucket Cooler

Take the summer picnic to another level with a five-gallon bucket cooler. This very cool cooler is sure to be your dad's newest best friend. He won't want to go to any pool party, soccer game or parent-teacher conference without it in tow.

8. Fandango Gift Card

If dad is a movie guy, he won't reject a gift card admitting him to all the summer blockbusters on his ~favorite child's~ dime.

9. Microgreen Vertical Garden

Does dad have a green thumb but he's refusing to give a clue as to what he wants for Father's Day? Give him the gift of vertical farming! He'll have microgreens in the kitchen in no time. This is the gift that keeps on giving even though dad asked for nothing at all.

10. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Is dad enthusiastic about breakfast sandwiches? Save him a trip to the deli with his very own sandwich maker!

11. TaylorMade Project (a) Dad-ism Golf Balls

OK, well, if you're going to get dad golf balls, at least make sure that they include dad-isms that will make him laugh.

12. Dual USB Outlet Adapter

If dad likes efficiency, and says he doesn't need anything for Father's Day, surprise him with an outlet adapter. It's the little things.

13. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Bring the cafe to dad's with a coffee bean grinder that's award winning and "preferred by Speciality Coffee professionals."

14. OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) - Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Whether dad's listening to books on tape or the same five songs over and over, get him a portable bluetooth speaker that he can take to the beach, the backyard or the bathroom.

15. Toppling Square Tower

Father's Day falls on Jun. 16, which just brushes up against the summer equinox on Jun. 21. In anticipation for the barbecue season ahead, get dad a colorful lawn game!