What To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day 2018, Based On Her Myers-Briggs Type

Finding the perfect gift for the woman who brought you into this world is exactly as hard as it sounds like it is. That's probably why you get her last-minute flowers every year — you can't even wrap your mind around a more personal gift. But there's no reason to be overwhelmed by gift shopping for mom. Instead of stressing out over trying to anticipate what your mom wants, get her something she didn't know she needs. Try to think about your mom in a less literal sense. There are things you can get your mom for Mother's Day if you just base your choise on her Myers-Briggs personality type.

When you use a personality chart as guidance for gift shopping, you end up getting someone a gift that they not only appreciate, but can use and want to use, most importantly. Maybe all of that money you spent on getting your mom flowers was better spent on getting her kitchen gadgets or closet organizers or hobby books? Take the time to look into your mom's Myers-Briggs personality type test and take stock of the features of her character. Here I've made suggestions for each personality type based off of what they might like. Take my suggestion or be inspired by it!


Moss Terrarium Workshop


If Only

INFJs aren't easily excited by gifts. They'd rather spend quality time with you and learn about something you love. Pick an experience or class that's up your alley and share it with your mom.


Custome Necklace



ENFJs like super personalized gifts. You can't get much more personalized than a custom necklace that's shaped in your own handwriting. This will totally dazzle your mom.


Book Of Poetry



INFPs are super soulful people. They love nature and they love literature — so, they're going to love this gorgeous book of poetry that revels in language and nature. Read it with your mom for the ultimate soulful experience.


Ted Talk



ENFPs are most happy when they're feeling inspired. If you can' t think of anything inspirational to write on your mom's card, take her to a local Ted talk.


Sway Game



INTPs like to be intellectually challenged. They love games that are complicated and stimulating. Get your mom a game that will seriously make her think, and that's fun for the whole family to play together.


Canary View Smart HD Security Camera



ENTPs don't really like to be surprised, and it's hard to get them a gift they don't already have. This home security system will definitely appeal to their control-loving selves, plus it will serve as a great utility that they will actually use. They love high-quality devices and they'll have this plugged in before you leave.


Small Stationary Set


Mrs. John L. Strong

INTJ likes to take themselves very seriously. So even if your mom is retired, she likely still takes her correspondences seriously. That's why she'll love her own set of personalized stationary. It will keep her feeling official in the way she loves.


Ombre Combo Mat


Yoga Design Lab

ENTJs really enjoy opportunities to focus on their own health and mental clarity. Give your mom a reason to be excited to go to a yoga or meditation class with this gorgeous mat.


The Babar


Urban Stems

ISFPs are visually focused. They're constantly looking for ways to improve their look and the look of their space. Get your mom a pretty new plant to liven up whatever room she hasn't already covered in plants.


Last Minute Hotel Room



ESFPs are really adventurous, but likely are always the ones stuck planning the adventure, which they can sometimes be resentful of. Download HotelTonight and book your mom a staycation nearby so that she can have a night to herself that she doesn't need to plan.


Porcelain Paint Kit



ISFJs are really sentimental. They still have whatever mug you made them in elementary school, so treat them to a new mug with the same sentiment. Your mom deserves a new mug with some upgraded artwork!


Spa Gift Card



ESFJs are always so worried about making everyone else happy, so give your mom a chance to just focus on herself and be pampered. Get her a gift card that she can cash in any time for any spa service.


TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp



ISTPs are super into gadgets that work. Get your mom a new lamp that not only is easy on the eyes, with various different light settings but that also wirelessly charges her phone. It's kind of amazing.


Bread Making Kit



ESTPs know themselves really well, and if they want something, they usually find a way to get it for themselves. So instead of trying to impress your mom with something you know she likes, get her something she's never tried before. The surprise of something new will be half the gift.


Mediterranian Landscape Print



ISTJs have very fine taste. They love art — but they're very particular about what they like. Don't try to guess, there's way too much gorgeous art to choose from, just your mom pick out a print that she loves, have it framed and gift it to her knowing it's exactly what she wants.


Ava Crossbody Cream


Pixie Mood

ESTJs like to keep up with fashion. It's fun for them to stay current and keep up with trends. Get your mom a chic new bag that's a serious upgrade from whatever sack she's carrying around.