This Is What Turns A Millennial On
couple kissing in bed
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Every generation has its own unique sexual trends. What turns a millennial on (Drake! Snapchat! Cat memes!) might turn a Gen Xer off — and vice versa. Although generations are undoubtedly made up of millions of individuals who have their own sexual preferences, coming of age in a certain time period with its own unique art, culture, and technology does cause you to share certain perspectives with your peers.

Take sexual trends, for example. Back in the 1970s, swinging was newly hip, and a full bush meant business. Open Marriage: A New Lifestyle For Couples was published in 1972 and spent weeks on the bestseller list. Fast forward to the 90s, and shaved pubes were in vogue, while the AIDS epidemic encouraged a new upswing in monogamy. Today, the consensus is that whatever you choose to do with your below the belt hair is your business, and swinging, polyamory, and open relationships are arguably more common than ever before. And these trends are only a few decades apart. Imagine what mating and dating in the 18th century was like?

To analyze what makes Millennials weak in the knees, Skyn condoms surveyed over 3,000 sexually active adults 18-34 around the country for their 2017 Millennial Sex Survey. Here's what they found turns us on:



According to the survey, nearly 50 percent of Millennials are sexting and sharing naked photos on the regs. Want to mix it up? Here are 50 sexting ideas to get dirty digitally right now.



The old adage "blondes have more fun" isn't just a cliche. Apparently, 79 percent of blondes are sexually active at least once a week, compared to 73 percent of brunettes and 68 percent of redheads.


Missionary Position

Sometimes a classic is a classic for a reason. Missionary position, basic as it is, ranks as the most popular pose for millennials in a relationship. But that doesn't mean there aren't a variety of other hot poses out there to try.



It's the substance that helps every session slide into overdrive that much faster, but condom users are the ones lubing up more than non-condom users these days.


Dating App Hookups

Twenty-three percent of millennials surveyed reporting using Tinder, and 66 percent have slept with someone from a dating app. Online hookups are definitely the new normal.



When asked which professions are the biggest turn-on, 44 percent of Millennials chose musician. Doctor also ranked up there, scoring 45 percent of the vote.


Anal Sex

Backdoor action is more popular than ever. Thirty-six percent of female millennials have had anal sex, and 15 percent of male Millennials have, too. And if you're looking to explore new frontiers, here are a few tips on pre-anal prep.


Multiple Orgasms

Gone are the days of one and done. Fifty percent of men and 44 percent of women own up to having more than one orgasm per session. For Millennials, it's double (triple or quadruple) duty when it comes to coming.

So there you have it: classic sex positions, dirty text messages, and musicians FTW.