What Will Chrissy Teigen x BECCA Cosmetics Be? Here’s Our Guess

Stop what you're doing — Chrissy Teigen x BECCA Cosmetics is happening, and as with everything Teigen does, I'm pretty confident it's going to be amazing. In true social media queen fashion, she teased the product on Instagram, and from the sounds of it, we can expect a glorious highlighter from the collab.

Teigen's sneak peek shows her "cooking up something special" with the brand, chef hat and all. And even though her actual kitchen skills are a thing of beauty, so is her highlight game. "I’ve been a massive fan of their highlighters for years and I just can’t wait for you all to see," she wrote in the caption. "It’s reeeeally delicious, hope you love it!!"

That's all the deets she's giving away for now, but judging by her chalky hands, mixing bowl, and the fairy dust she's blowing on, we're betting on a powder highlighter of some sort. And whether it's loose powder, a pressed palette, or even a cream or liquid if she throws everyone for a loop, I can confidently say I'm definitely jumping on it once it's released.

Not only is everything Teigen does magic, but the BECCA Cosmetics brand definitely knows their highlighter (even after that Jaclyn Hill snafu). Keep your eyes and ears open for more — hopefully, Teigen will treat us to more Instagram sneak peeks, Snap stories, or Tweets with more details.

BECCA posted a separate vid of Teigen hard at work, too.

But Teigen and BECCA aren't the only ones excited about the collab. Twitter fans are abuzz about the mysterious highlighter, but the resounding response is pretty much...

Same, girl. Same.

The emojis say it all.

And this girl definitely has her priorities in order.

Here's to hoping we get more info soon — and that we get the actual collab just as quickly, too.