Jennifer Morrison Already Has A Post-'OUAT' Project

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's always hard saying goodbye to a beloved character, but one thing that makes it easier is knowing that the actor behind them is moving on to bigger and better things. What Jennifer Morrison does after Once Upon A Time has already been set, and maybe that will help fans dry their tears over her departure. The actor will be moving to the Off-Broadway stage for a production of a new play called The End of Longing. It would be hard to come up with a project that was both bigger and better than the ABC classic, but after six seasons as Emma Swan on the beloved show, Morrison seems more than ready to take her career in another direction.

The actor has been proving her acting chops since the first episode of Once Upon A Time, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that she's a hot commodity in the theater world, too. It's an exciting new step for her, and, even better, she'll be opposite a familiar face. The End of Longing is a new play both written by and starring Matthew Perry, and the "bittersweet comedy" will go into preview performances on May 18 just days after OUAT's May 14 finale.

Morrison will play a character named Stephanie, opposite Perry's Jack, in an intimate cast of four 40-somethings, who spend the play poring over their lives in a Los Angeles bar, wondering where they went wrong. According to the synopsis,

"An alcoholic, an escort, a self-diagnosed neurotic and a well-intentioned dimwit walk into a bar... Broken and deeply flawed, they find their lives irreversibly entwined no matter how hard they try to break free of one another. The End of Longing is a bittersweet comedy that proves that broken people don't need to stay broken."

So... safe to say it's pretty different from Once Upon A Time, which only makes me more excited to see what else comes next for the talented actor. I have a feeling she has depths of talent we've only just touched on.