Here’s What You Should Get Your BFF For Valentine’s Day, Based On Their Sign

Romance is nice and all but there's no love truer than the one that is shared between best friends. So, when it comes to Valentine's Day there's nobody more deserving of all the chocolate hearts and fresh cut flowers than the friend who always answers the phone when you call. But gift giving is better when it's more ~personal~ than just candy and roses. That's why it wouldn't hurt to brainstorm what you should get your best friend for Valentine's Day based on their sign. A Gemini bestie might never use an organizational planner but your Virgo BFF would go crazy over it.

Love for a best friend goes deep. It goes beyond parading your admiration for them daily on your Instagram feed. Past Woman Crush Wednesdays. I've seen best friends ink each other's initials onto their fingers — on two separate occasions, with two different sets of best friends. Yeah, best friendship is intense. It's the kind of strong, sisterly, supportive relationship that deserves celebration in the spotlight regularly. And occasionally, gifts.

While that little cherub Cupid flings his arrows into the air on Feb. 14, you'll be paying no attention to the nonsense. Order in pizza with your best friend and swap the kind of perfect bestie gifts that further prove your real other half totally "gets you."


Meaningful Stone Necklace, "Power", $38, Free People

You know better than anyone else that your Aries best friend is a force. Never let them forget how powerful they are by draping this natural labradorite gemstone around their neck.


Persian Rose Intensive Hand Cream, $27, CatBird NYC

A Taurus best friend knows all the good products to buy. Add to their collection of scents and serums with this organic hand cream that'll keep dry skin away.


Healthyish Cookbook by Lindsay Maitland Hunt, $29.99, Urban Outfitters

Give your Gemini bud something they'll never get bored of. This cookbook is full of colorful and delicious treats from smoothies to vegetarian dinners to a drool inducing variety of soups that'll enliven your best friend's kitchen. There are a lot of dinner parties in your future.


Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal, $19, ModCloth

You know better than anyone that your Cancer counterpart is the kindest and most sympathetic soul on the planet. Give them a place to chronicle their emotions and sentiments in a fun way.


Mini Cinema Light Box, $29, Urban Outfitters

Your Leo best friend is most likely the light of your life. They're always down for a fun time and laughs that linger far into the night. Remind them that they're a star with a sweet message on their very own cinema box.


2018 Icon Hardcover Agenda, $36, Pink Olive

There's nothing your Virgo best friend loves more than the details. So, give them the gift of keeping notes in style.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $24.99, omnihome

Give the kind gift of an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to your kindest friend.


Trivial Pursuit Board Game, $18.79, Target

It's no secret that your Scorpio best friend always likes to be right. Let them shine with this board game.


Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $24, Uncommon Goods

You've probably been on a few Instagram worthy adventures with your Sagittarius best friend. Next time they take off — with or without you, make sure they have this trendy cocktail kit in their carry on.


Linnea's Lights Candle, Lavender, $34, Terrain

The Capricorn best friend will always pick up their phone for you, even while they're still at work ... at 8 p.m. Give them the gift of relaxation with this lavender candle that will surely balance their loaded schedule.


Alter Eco Dark Almond Organic Chocolate, $44.28 for 12, Alter Eco Foods

Your Aquarius best friend probably led the sign making party for the Women's March. Give them a gift that supports sustainability and farmers and that is also chocolate.


Create Your Own Terrarium Kit, $36, Terrain

There's a very prominent artistic side to your Pisces bestie. Let them craft and get to work over their very own terrarium.