What You Should Know About Money, According To Your Sign

People turn to astrology for insight and advice about countless aspects of their daily lives, from current and future romances to issues with family and friends. So why should your financial life be any different? Why not ask what your sign says about your relationship with money? After all, if you’re a believer in zodiac signs, you already believe that your sign reflects your personality in an intimate way. It affects how you think, how you set goals, the way you move through the world, and how you interact with other people— and all of that dictates how you approach your finances.

Some signs have an innately practical nature — especially earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — that make them especially good at saving and planning for retirement. But every sign, from fiery Aries to dreamy Pisces, has positive qualities that can contribute to a secure, happy financial life. It all begins with figuring out your chief financial goals (Are you saving for retirement? Paying off debt? Wanting to purchase a car? All three?) and then creating a plan that works for you and your personal spending habits. If you don’t know where to start, don’t be afraid to seek advice from a financial planner. (You may also want to checkout Bustle’s series on finances for millennial women.)

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But first, read on for what you should know about money — according to your zodiac sign, at least:


Aries folks are known for being confident and unafraid to take risks, which may both help you and hurt you when it comes to planning your finances. Aries’ tendencies to be impulsive and impatient can lead them into trouble when it comes to money — as an Aries, you may find yourself spending without a lot of forethought or becoming annoyed at the time it takes to save money.

That said, you have other qualities that will help you in your financial journey. For one, you’re organized and able to create a budget, and your tendency to push hard toward your goals means that you’re able to set a financial target, plan how to get there, and then pursue it until you achieve it. Just be careful not to get distracted and blow your cash on something you don’t need.

As a ram, your inclination to take risks could serve you well when you make investments, but be careful that your higher-risk investments are counterbalanced by more conservative methods of saving for the future. Aries folks tend to see themselves as leaders, but if you’re not a financial expert, don’t let your habit of taking charge keep you from seeking out sound financial advice from a professional.


In general, Taureans, with their dependable, steady natures, are good with money. As someone born under the sign of Taurus, you place a very high value on stability, which motivates you to plan and save for the future. Your natural steadfastness — which can sometimes translate into stubbornness — enables you to set a plan for savings and retirement and then stick to it.

However, if Taureans have a weakness when it comes to money, it’s that they sometimes have a tendency to be materialistic and have a taste for luxury. There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to indulge in the finer things if you can afford it — just don’t let your desire for material wealth drive you into bad financial decisions.


Geminis are known for being clever and engaging, but the double-sided nature of the sign of the twins makes them capricious — a quality that can extend to their financial decisions. Geminis aren’t particularly motivated by money or luxury, but their changeable natures make them prone to impulse buys. If you’re a Gemini, be careful to set a financial goal and then set yourself up to really stick to it. You may find it helpful to set up auto-deposits for your savings and retirement accounts, so that you’re not tempted to make sudden purchases or changes to your financial plan. If you’re able, give yourself a certain amount of “fun money” each month; being able to spend even a small sum on whatever whim you like may make it easier to stay focused on your larger financial goals.


Cancer folks value family and home above all, and they make it their mission to protect their loved ones. Those tendencies make them especially good at saving money, as their chief object is to create a stable home life for themselves and their loved ones. When Cancers do spend money on fun, they tend to do so on things that will bring them closer to friends and family, like traveling together, visiting friends, or going to social events together.


Leos are charismatic natural leaders, so they tend to make excellent entrepreneurs. But although these skills often make it easy for Leos to earn money, Leos also have a taste for luxury — they are the sign of the lion, after all, and see themselves as kings and queens of their respective jungles. This love high-end brands and upscale living can eat into their earnings.

Leos are also fiercely loyal to their friends and family members, with an inclination to be generous. That isn’t a bad thing, of course, but Leos need to be careful not to let their generosity to others undercut their own financial security.


Virgos are hard working and extremely practical, so saving money for major investments like a car, house, or retirement — not to mention a healthy emergency fund— comes naturally to them. As a Virgo, you tend to be very picky about what you buy, which curbs any urge to impulse buy. But although these are great qualities to maintain financial health, they’re not very fun. By all means, Virgos, set yourselves up for a stable, financially secure futures, but allow yourself to enjoy your money every once in a while — go on a fun trip, or let yourself buy that gorgeous, but impractical dress you’ve been eyeing.


Libras are all about balance, so they tend to have a good division of saving money for the future, and enjoying the money they have now. As a Libra, you like to look at every possible angle and option before you buy something. That tendency allows you to make informed, responsible decisions (especially about purchasing major items, like a car or home), but sometimes you can get so bogged down in all of the angles that you can’t make a decision at all! If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by indecisiveness when you’re making financial decisions, from small things like “Should I buy these jeans?” to bigger questions like “How should I structure my retirement savings?”, trying talking it out with someone you trust. Hearing all of the options out loud, with a sounding board to toss around ideas with, may help you to tip the scales in one direction or the other.


Scorpios approach everything in life with an intense drive and focus — including money. Scorpios are natural detectives, and bring their affinity for meticulous research and problem solving to their finances, making them particularly good at investing. They also tend to be competitive, which can serve them well at work, where they pursue success with determination. Scorpios like being in control, which means that, while they are bold and decisive with their financial decisions, they aren’t big risk takers and are not very prone to spending on impulse. Sometimes Scorpios’ intensity can veer into fanaticism — so, if you’re one of them, be careful that your focus on your finances doesn’t become all-consuming. There’s a difference between working to build a secure future for yourself and being obsessed with money. Take the time to enjoy your life — and a little of your cash — in the present.


As a Sagittarian, your favorite spending splurge is travel. You’re not particularly interested in things, no matter how luxurious, but the promise of an interesting experience — especially if it’s in a place you’ve never been — will quickly have you whipping out the credit card. Sagittarians place a great value on freedom, and so it’s important that you foster that freedom with your finances — first, by trying to avoid debt (which will only tie you down), and by setting up a secure safety net that will see you through whatever change is ahead. Sagittarians tend to be optimistic in the face of hardship and change, and although they are not the most prone to saving money, they do possess determination and the ability to achieve their goals. If you can, try setting up an automatic payment into your retirement and emergency accounts, so that you get those taken care of — and ­then put some cash every month into a travel fund for future adventures.


Capricorns, with their discipline, practicality, and ability to get stuff done, tend to do well financially. They are able to work methodically and patiently at their jobs, and are very good at achieving results — it's no surprise that they are able to make their way up the corporate ladder. They are also extremely disciplined with money, taking every step to save, invest wisely, and plan for the future. Capricorns never purchase impulsively, which is generally a good thing, but sometimes their love for frugality can slip into being a bit miserly. If this is you, try to find a balance between saving and having a little fun.


Aquarius is one of the most creative and unpredictable signs on the Zodiac. As an Aquarian, you’re keenly imaginative, but not flighty — you’re able to harness your creativity to succeed at work. You also tend to be creative in the ways you save and invest money, but you’re steady enough to make good decisions. Aquarians are very concerned with fairness and balance, which makes you able to apply a sense of balance to your finances — saving what you need, but also allowing yourself to enjoy your earnings now. Your devotion to equality means that you strive to make the world better for others, and a sizable cut of your extra money goes toward supporting charities and organizations that fight for the rights of others.


Pisceans tend to be emotional creatures, prone to spirituality and dreaminess. They can be creative, dedicated, and hardworking employees, especially when their jobs are intellectually interesting. They are not particularly concerned with money, and in most aspects of their lives, they tend to go with the flow. This may make them low-drama in some departments, but it doesn’t benefit them when it comes to their finances. If you’re a Pisces, you should be careful to take an active interest in your financial life — and if it's just not something you want to deal with, find a financial advisor you can really trust to help you create a plan and keep you on track.