4 Things You Should Do During Libra Season — And 3 Things You Shouldn’t

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From September 23 to October 22, we'll officially move into the Libra season, also known as the astrological tight rope season. If your life is not well balanced, it will quickly become apparent as Libra's desire for equal distribution inspires us in more ways than one to get it together. What you should and shouldn't do during Libra season 2019 might not be intuitive, as all the pieces in our lives don't come labeled with weights. Some things that seem like they might be important to us actually weigh less than things that we're less invested in.

Essentially, this zodiac season is going to school us on how to properly evaluate the things we carry with us, how to meet our partners, family members and co-works halfway, and how to find steady footing without any help at all. While we're receiving this valuable education, there are some thing we should do to increase our growth and perspective, and other things that we should avoid.

Here, astrologer Kyle Thomas talks to Bustle about what to do, and what not to do during Libra season 2019. While of course it's always important to follow your instincts and rule with your gut, you don't want to waste energy during this transitional time on efforts that won't have much momentum behind them. Aka, it's time to harvest our energy and preserve the best parts of ourselves fo the colder seasons, so a little guidance won't hurt:

Do: Focus On Partnerships


"Consider how 'me' can be 'we' and focus on balancing your partnerships," Thomas tells Bustle. Breathing good, healthy energy into your friendships during this time will enrich them in n exponential way that will carry through future zodiac seasons.

Do Not: Hold Onto Unhealthy Relationships


If you've been making excuses to stay in an unhealthy relationship, or to keep investing in a friendship or partnership that's toxic or uneven, now is the time to end it. Use this intense moment of clarity to take action that will inform the rest of your life and future. If you have someone in your life who is holding you back, Thomas says it's time to leave them behind.

Do: Go Out And Be Social


"Libras can charm anyone, and friendships are very important to them," Thomas reminds Bustle. So if you're not typically social, ride the wave during Libra season, you never know what doors it will open for you, and a chance of pace can help to expand horizons and increase personal approach.

Do Not: Devalue Yourself


"Don't forget what you bring to the table in your relationships," Thomas tells Bustle. There's a lot that you contribute to your personal and business relationships, but it's an ever-evolving partnership. Any imbalances between dynamics will become really noticeable, so if one person is taking more than they're contributing, a deficit will be felt.

Do: Put On Your Justice Hat


According to Thomas, you're going to be really in touch with your judicial nature during this time. You'll be able to "look at things fairy, seek justice, and be honest and direct." Because of this, you might find yourself being more reactive to certain situations that wouldn't otherwise bother you. Be aware of this, and listen to your instincts, they're very much in-tune.

Do Not: Let Your Emotions Take The Wheel


The slightest things might ignite the biggest emotional reactions. Be aware of this so that you can manage your feelings. Thomas suggests making an regular concerted effort to keep your head and mind balanced. This will be harder than usual for you during this time, but being aware of the fact that your emotions might be unbalanced will actually help to keep them in check.

Do: Have Fun


Libra is ruled by Venus, Thomas reminds us, which is the planet of pleasure, marriage, money and luxury. So the stars are aligned for you to have a little bit more fun than usual. If you're inspired by the spirit of fall adventure, plan a fun weekend as you're most likely to enjoy it during this time.