Here’s Which Stores Will Be Closed On Easter This Year

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Easter is almost here, which means you're about to be reunited with family and friends, and most importantly stuffed to the brim with Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. But when you're done with all of your celebrating or stuffing, you're probably going to want to know what stores and restaurants will be closed on Easter, which falls on Apr. 1 in 2018 — because you don't want to waste time changing out of your eating pants to head to the stores if they're not open, am I right?

Here, I've put together a list of all the businesses that will be closed for Easter Sunday. To prepare for some of these closings — as well as those of stores that might close as early as Good Friday for the weekend — you might want to stock up on essentials on Thursday, just in case. The last thing you need is to be stuck at home with relatives on holiday weekend without your essentials. (Hey, some of these stores are major places many of us go to on a daily basis! It's not that farfetched a fear!)

Lucky for us all, the internet is never closed, so we can always escape into our devices to hide on Netflix and social media when quality family time becomes just a bit too much. While most national chain stores have the same holiday hours, it's always best to call your local store to check on their business hours before heading over. Here's a list of places that will definitely be closed on Easter Sunday this year.


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Costco is closed on Easter Sunday, so you won't be able to get to the big box store to stock up on... well, big boxes of stuff. But, there's a silver lining here! Costco locations will be open on Easter Saturday, so you'll have some time to prepare for Easter Sunday closures.


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Michael's is closed on Easter Sunday but will reopen with normal hours on Easter Monday. Sorry, craft-lovers.

Pier 1 Imports


Stock up on all of your cute Easter decor before the holiday weekend: Pier 1 is closed on Easter Sunday.


Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington, following their recent rebranding from Burlington Coat Factory, is closed on Easter Sunday... but is having a mega Easter sale before the holiday. Not a bad trade-off!


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Sprint will be closed on Easter Sunday, but if you're having tech issues, you can still call the provider's help line.


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I know, it's hard to believe that this store ever closes, but it does, and Easter Sunday is one of those days.

Neiman Marcus

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Check out the amazing sales on Easter weekend, but get there before Sunday because it's closed for the whole day.


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Target is one of my favorite places to escape to, especially when family's in town. Unfortunately it's closed on Easter Sunday so cross that off your list of holiday havens.


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All banks are closed on Easter Sunday, but that shouldn't be too hard to adjust to as most banks are closed on Sundays anyway. Do your important banking before the weekend!

National Parks

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If you were thinking of hitting up one of the national parks for an Easter hike, you'll have to do it on Friday or Saturday because the parks are closed on Easter Sunday. Some parks might still be open to the public, but there won't be any rangers or supervision, so it's not encouraged to visit them.


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I guess you've got a great excuse if you weren't up for hitting the books or studying this Easter weekend, all of your local libraries will be closed. Get what you need for studying before the holiday weekend!