Here’s Where Will Be Closed On Memorial Day This Year

by Alli Hoff Kosik

If you're counting down the days until Memorial Day weekend, I'm pretty confident that it has at least something to do with the fact that you're anticipating some extra hours away from the office. Many workplaces are closed in honor of the occasion, making way for a well-deserved day or two of beach, barbecue, or just being on the couch. Your office isn't the only one closed, though, and you may notice on your day-off travels that certain fixtures of your life aren't running as usual. What's closed on Memorial Day 2018? Spoiler alert: It's mostly finance-related and government-related institutions.

While the closure of some of these things might prove inconvenient, you'll be glad to know that the vast majority of stores and restaurants will be open, at most just cutting back on their hours. According to Saving Advice, most retail, grocery, and drug stores will be doing business as usual — in fact, Memorial Day is prime time for big sales for them! Major chain restaurants are also generally open on the holiday. Smaller, independently-owned eateries are more likely to take a break or change up their schedules, so call before you start choosing what you want from the menu.

These are the institutions and businesses you can count on being closed:


If, for some reason, you need to take care of any financial transactions face-to-face at a bank branch, Memorial Day isn't the day to do it. Most major banks will be closed, according to USA Today, though you should have access to some ATM machines. Mobile banking is always an option, but you might experience some delays with transferring and depositing money since the banks themselves are shut down.

Mail Services

USA Today notes that UPS, FedEX, and the United States Postal Service will all suspend their pick-up and delivery services on May 28. Be sure to account for the closure so you can expedite any time-sensitive shipments and to send things early as needed.

Public Schools

Expect to see kids and families out and about throughout the day, because public schools are shut down, according to Time and Date. Many private schools will give their students the day off too. Such a fun sneak peek of summer break!


According to Saving Advice, the wholesale club has traditionally closed in observance of Memorial Day. This isn't super convenient if you're hosting a big group of people for a barbecue or picnic, but you should have your pick of standard grocery stores to choose from — and other warehouse clubs should be open as well.

Non-Essential Government Offices

The majority of government offices are closed to honor the memory of fallen service members, per USA Today. Only essential employees — those whose work has a direct impact on human life or protection — will be expected to clock in. Government closures can differ between communities, so check your town or city's Web sites or newspapers if you have questions about how this might affect local happenings more specifically.

Liquor Stores

If you have booze to buy in advance of a Memorial Day barbecue, don't save that errand until the last minute. According to Travel and Leisure, liquor stores in certain states will close in honor of the occasion. Most grocery stores, however, will keep their lights on, so if you stock your beverages at one of those, you should be in good shape.

Financial Markets

Like other financial institutions, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are closed on Memorial Day, according to USA Today. It will be a very slow day for the markets.


Because most libraries are financed with government dollars, they won't be welcoming bookworms for the holiday weekend. Grab your beach reads with time to spare.

Trash Removal Services

Per Saving Advice, garbage pickup that is typically scheduled for Monday will likely be moved until Tuesday, so wait until Monday evening to put out your trash.