What's Coming To Netflix In April 2018 Will Make Your Inner '90s Kid So Excited

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Longer days are here and spring is right around the corner. Even though it's getting nicer outside, sitting on the couch and watching Netflix will always be a great way to unwind after a day's work. And what's coming to Netflix in April will get you so excited, as it's a great mix of beloved classics and many interesting new films and shows that you're going to definitely want to see. Odds are there is something on the list that is just right for you.

A ton of movies coming in April are very family-friendly, but they may just interest '90s kid and remind them of childhood. From The Flinstones to The Iron Giant, these old favorites will definitely make the days spent inside while spring showers pour down go by quickly. Even some heartwarming classics like Life Is Beautiful make the new batch of releases, along with much-needed rom-coms such as Along Came Polly.

Netflix is constantly producing more content and this month is no different. There are documentaries like Dope and Chef's Table: Pastry, an interesting new drama called 6 Balloons starring Dave Franco and Broad City's Abbi Jacobson, and comedies like the new Boss Baby TV series. Whatever you're into, if your Netflix list has been looking lonely, April is your month to marathon some keepers.

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